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Pastel World of Forsythe Park in Savannah, Georgia

Photography credit - me!

This artist was busily creating lovely colour and texture with his pastels this afternoon in Forsythe Park.

It is too damned cold to be painting today, yet the park was full of artists...watercolourist having their pieces blown dry much too fast to allow a decent wash to glaze properly, oil painters patiently picking the bits of dust and leaves that were blowing onto their freshly-laid pigment, and a couple of pastel artists forging ahead in the face of this blustery day.

This artist stopped and talked with me for over an hour, explaining why he loves pastels and why he'll never use another medium, he's so hooked on the pastel world of Schmincke, Rembrandt, Sennelier, Daler Rowney...he might have me convinced to have a go with pastels.

Then, back to his palette, on with his creation...
What a good way to spend an afternoon in Savannah!

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I love the colors!! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time now that you have that internet situation fixed.

I am, I am, I am!
This guy does great work...I'm going back tomorrow to paint some pieces and we'll see if they are good enough to post here, or if they become bookmarks for friends! Bad watercolour paintings can be cut into bookmarks in an instant.

Nancy L:

'Love your photos, Brenda. I only hope the azaleas wait for us all - ours down here have begun to fade.

Where have you eaten? 'Can't wait for more news,


Thanks so much!
I had a great lunch at the Savannah Tea Room and a so-so dinner at Ruan Thai Cuisine. Not wonderful and it made my tummy so very unhappy!
Better now, but it still hurts. Sheeeesh!
Ciao, Brenda

chiaro di luna:

Hi Brenda! I am so happy you have internet now and am looking forward to your photos and updates.
I see the artist has on a long sleeve shirt. Ummm...still packing here.
Are these artists in the squares, parks? Which ones?
And the baby clothes photo in ST album...what's the address?

The artist is in Forsythe Park, and has completed a gorgeous pastel of Mercer Williams House, as well as a portfolio of other prints of his work.
There are several artists working in the park, so you can wander around and see what you like.

He is wearing a warm hat and winter coat and gloves..it was really cold yesterday!

I'm going back today to prepare a few sketches for some paintings and will give him some business cards, letting him know that I've posted his work on my blog and people are interested.
The baby clothes are in a shop called The Christmas Shop on Bull. I walked straight from my apartment to the park, right down the center of the park to Bull and from Bull all the way to Broughton. It's a great walk for me, so I didn't get lost on my first wandering!
I don't know the address but we can find it with no trouble.
Ciao ciao,

Kathy (Trekcapri):

I'm glad you have your internet back and now I can read all of your wonderful entries.

It's a real bummer that I can't be at the big GTG because of work, but I think the next best thing will be to be there in spirit with all you bloggers!

Have fun!

Thanks, Kathy,
I am so happy that I booked a few extra days!
I'll blog daily, and post photos also!

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe:

I am glad to see that you are posting from Savannah. Very smart of you to head to the library for some hook-ups!
The pictures are great, Savannah is a gracious city.
See you Thursday!

Thanks, Sandi!
I am loving it, wandering around stopping for lunch and listening to people talking about their everyday lives.
I've met a few artists who were painting in the park and Monterey Square, and just basically having a good visit with people I've never met before.
See you in a couple of days!

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