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The Big Peach

Photo credit: Agricultural Research Center

My son-in-law is one of the funniest guys I know.
He's British, so that might explain it.
You know the Brits. They have the most wicked sense of humour in this Universe.

Tonight I mentioned to him that I will be going to Savannah next week.

" Oh," he said, "You're going to the Big Peach!"

My son-in-law is one of the most caring men I know.
He takes such gentle care of my daughter.
I never worry about her when she's ill with a 'flu or cold, because he does the best job in the world of looking after his beautiful wife.

My son-in-law is one of the most generous men I know.
Every spring, my daughter hosts a scrapbooking weekend in their home. Women from all over come and stay for the weekend, scrapbooking their heavenly little hearts out.
Guess who takes care of the kids, prepares meals, snacks and beverages for this houseful of scrapbookers?
Guess who wipes noses, mops up juice spills and runs the whole enchilada like a well-oiled machine?
My son-in-law.

He is one of the most meticulous men I know and a whiz at woodworking. He lovingly crafts gorgeous Hope Chests for each of my grandchildren as they are preparing to leave home. He invited me into the living room tonight to show me his latest project...a custom-designed-by-him shelving unit that will be simply stunning when it is finished. Glass doors on a solid, beautiful wall unit, structured around the hearth of their pellet stove. The glassed-in area is for his wife's delicate collection of Belleek porcelain and her Winnie the Pooh collectibles.

That's my son-in-law for you...hilariously funny, caring, generous and meticulous.
My daughter is blessed.
So am I.

I don't worry a bit about my child.
I know she's in such good hands.
He's such a peach.

"If two stand shoulder to shoulder against the gods,
Happy together, the gods themselves are helpless
Against them while they stand so."
~ Maxwell Anderson

Comments (3)

Y'all have a happy Easter.
I can't wait to get to finally meet you in Savannah!

Happy Easter, back to you, also...I've been reading your blog and your posts on Slowtrav for ages, and finally get to meet you!
YAY, Savannahhhhh!

It's all going to be just peachy!

Betcha, Palma!

Beautiful peaches!

I hope you have a wonderful time in Savannah!

Thanks, Annie...I will!
They are gorgeous, aren't they?

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