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The Last Three Things...

Three Things I Learned From My Baby Brother...
Bearing in mind he's only known I am his big sister for a little over a year, his generosity and his welcoming me into his family has been stunning.

* How much books mean to him
I gave him an omnibus of W. P. Kinsella's best stories for Christmas.
He told me he read the whole thing in a day and a half! It's close to 600 pages!
He's an amazing person. He's one of the slivers of sunshine in my life. Our phone conversations are full of talk about Stuart McLean's Vinyl Cafe, the books he has read and the books he's reading currently. He thinks I'm amazing and I think he's brilliant. A good combination, don't you agree?

*The depth of his thoughtfulness
For Christmas this year, he had a gold heart custom-made, with 4 birthstones laced carefully around the edge...he instructed the jeweler to set the stones in a very particular order...
a ruby first, then a pink topaz, followed by another ruby and bracketed on the other end by a diamond. These represent our mother, me, him and our baby sister. He's only known me as his big sister since our mother passed a year ago November, and yet he's adjusted to my presence in his life with grace and kindness, with joy and excitement. From the moment he was told that I am his big sister, he's been nothing but happy. It could have gone in many other directions, but for his huge heart and his total delight at having me in his life.

*What a wonderful mind he has
That mind of his holds every conceivable kind of information and detail about every possible thing.
There's nothing that doesn't fascinate him, nothing that doesn't catch his interest and cause him to think about it and turn it over in his mind like a sparkly stone from the river. He absorbs knowledge like a sponge soaking up rainwater. I run as fast as I can and he leaves me in his dust!

"It snowed last year too: I made a snowman and my brother knocked it down and I knocked my brother down and then we had tea." ~ Dylan Thomas

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How incredibly caring he is to have gone to all that effort making that heart. He sounds like a keeper!

No kidding! He's a precious soul and we've always had a great connection. Now, it's so much better because we can both talk openly about the brother-sister relationship without risk of hurting our mother. So strange...
Thanks for "getting it'...that means a lot to me!
Ciao ciao,



What a great story, I have the same situation with my half brother. We reunited 13 years ago, it was like a story from Oprah...blessings to you-

See you in Savannah-


Thanks, Jen...
It's quite the feeling to get to know someone who is from the same gene pool, yet having only recently known about the sibling relationship. Amazing...blessings returned!

See you in the Big S!
Ciao ciao,

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