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Here's a Smilebox for you, from Savannah, with love...

Here's a Smilebox for you!
I found this on Sandi's blog, and it took only a few minutes to create my own album for your viewing pleasure...hope you enjoy it!

Click to play Framing Flowers
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"Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever... it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.” ~ Aaron Siskind

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We forget how pretty our azeleas are. You did a beautiful job

Miss Sandi,
It was thanks to you that I knew about this site. Where did you find it?
It's delightful!


Hello Brenda,

Thank you for sending the smilebox down my way. I love it! Thanks for thinking of me.

You are very welcome, Eden,
I love reading your blog, and I don't always take time to leave comments, so I thought you might like the Smilebox, and sent it as a thank you for taking the time to read mine!

Nancy L:

Brenda, your smilebox made me smile. Ah, sweet memories of Savannah!


Hi, Nancy,
Happy you liked it! That was what I wanted...to put a smile on everyone's face, so it worked! Thanks for letting me know!
Ahhhh, Savannah....

Great pics Brenda! It is a shame that so many of them were knocked off by that big rain on our first night.

I was so sad to see the blossoms lying in the dust, because I knew my Slowtrav peeps were going to miss seeing those huge heaps of delight. That's why I was taking so many photos of them, so that y'all could see what it looked like when I arrived! Thanks for reading, Jerry!

Wonderful photos and a great song (one of my favorites) to go with them. I love smilebox. I used them to send Christmas e-cards this year. I had to use a PC though as at least then they are not set up for a Mac except for viewing. Great job!! By the way, do azaleas have a scent?

Thank you for your lovely words!
I absolutely adore Smileboxes...they are new to me, but then I'm a bit of a techno-dinosaur.
Azaleas have absolutely no perfume at all, as gorgeous as they are. Guess they put all of their energy into being simply stunning and forget to make themselves smell great!


Brenda, I am so sorry to read about your fall. I am glad you did't break anything. I can't believe the weather this year. Very crazy, but it looks like you really had a lot of snow! Take care, and let it heal, so you are up, and ready for lots more traveling

Thanks so much,
I'm actually able to walk with a straight back and not leaning over favoring my ankle now. The bruising is fading, also! I have the feeling it will be quite weak for a long time, but as long as I'm careful...
Better than a break, for sure!

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