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Savannah's a Seductress


After spending a week and a few days in this sultry, steamy, hot and sexy city of the South, I can tell you categorically, she's a baaaad girl!

I've never been so wiled and beguiled by any place in this world like I've been by the delicious city of Savannah. From the wonderfully welcoming people to the warm and humid weather, I've felt like I've been wrapped up in a romance novel for the last while.

Our tour guide told us tonight that Savannah is the city that most people cannot help but return to...perhaps the ghosts that populate the city haunt the visitors as well as the Savannahian homes.
Whatever it is, people return to Savannah in droves, cannot stay away and cannot wait to come back again.
Count me in! I'm a convert, dahlin'.

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I am so glad that you had a wonderful time. Thanks for all of your updates.

You are most welcome!
It was a spectacular place for me to spend 10 luxurious days!

Mindy Smith:

Savannah has also grabbed at my heartstrings! I've told my mom that she and I should seriously plan a trip for late Feb. or early March 2009. Care to drive around in a red caddy with us?

So great meeting you in person. Thank you for letting me squeeze your hand after I fell!!

Hi, Mindy,
So delighted that you are going back with your mom...I had the best time with my son and we will likely plan to do that again. Savannah's truly a wiley lover, isn't she?

I'd kill to take another tour with Geoff..,he's fantastic and you must do it. Book him for the afternoon and let him show you his Savannah and area. Gorgeous, and you'll see places no tour trolley will take you to.
What a treat to finally meet you, Mindy!

Paulette Lewis:


You have been smiitten with Savannah like the rest of us southerners.

It's easy to understand why my brother, who adores that city, named his only child...Savannah.

Now four years old, she informed us last week that she found out that a city has been named for her.


Hi, Paulette,
That's a lovely story! Why not post it on the board, in the Savannah section as a separate topic? I love it! Smart child!
If you'd rather not do that, I'd love to write on my blog about Savannah and her namesake city....but only with your permission...
I've been struck hard by the lure of the south, fur sure. What a lovely way of life.

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