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Still Unpacking...

I love getting ready for a trip and making all of the plans and arrangements, packing my luggage, arranging for a house sitter, canceling the paper.

I also love coming home, after the trip is over.
Usually, I come home and unpack and put every single thing away that same day.

This trip home from Savannah was a long and arduous travel day for me. Being without sleep for over 24 hours is not my idea of a great time. By the time I finally closed my front door and sat down on my bed to check all of the messages on my phone, I'd been traveling for close to 22 hours! No wonder I was a zombie.

Because of my jet lag and exhaustion, I've been unpacking in bits and pieces over the past 5 days. What I have discovered about this method of settling back in is this...I'm taking more time to savor the little treats I brought back for myself and for my family and friends. I've spent several hours browsing through my photos, over an hour looking at and wrapping up some beautiful pieces of jewelry for gifts for my daughter and a dear friend.

After unpacking my prize from the Slowtrav Saturday night Low Country Boil, I then sat with a fresh cup of tea and read my prize, Shannon and Ruth's book, Chow! Venice right the way through.
Long story short...I've really enjoyed taking a few days to unpack and put away my clothes and gifts!

Maybe I'll adopt this as my new way of re-entering real life. It seems to prolong my post-trip high! That's gotta be a good thing, don't you think?

My Slowtrav winnings...

"No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow." ~ Lin Yutang

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Hi there-

Great little treats, I just finished unpacking myself...now I am going through my photos. Brenda, what kind of camera do you have? I cannot believe that we were together the entire day on Sunday and I never asked :)


Hi, Miss Jen...
I have a Fuji Finepix A510 5.1 megapixels with 3X optical zoom.
I wanted a small, small camera for traveling. I don't like the huge 35mm style for travel, so I looked for a great small piece that I could hold in my hand or put in a pocket and not notice the bulk of a bigger camera.
Did you see Michael's camera? THAT is also a gorgeous one, but too large for me, I think! I'm such a wiener about carrying anything, so this little one works for me. Then, I clean the photos up on IRFANview...cropping generally, maybe a little tweaking with the contrast if the photo is in cloudy weather.
What a fantastic day we had on Sunday! Did you love it totally?
Ciao ciao,

It always takes me forever to unpack. I am not sure if it is because I am trying to savor the memories, because I want to be ready for my next trip or because I am just too lazy.

Congratulations on your prizes.

Thanks, I was pretty excited!
Usually, I unpack and put away the day I get home, so I'm tired as anything by the time I'm done. This time I decided not to put myself through that! Felt much better!


Lucky you, Brenda -- winning a copy of Chow Venice AND a free tour with Tony. Two good reasons to head back to Italy!

Thanks, Sandra!
It was a wonderful time, and I loved Savannah a lot!

Nancy L:

Perhaps we'd all feel better if we plan to meet in Savannah next year, April 2009, for lunch, dinner, and a ride in a red Caddy.


Thanks, Nancy!
That'd make my day, for sure...another red caddy ride is the perfect medicine, isn't it?

Another prize!
Come pick up your blogging prize 'make my day'... for getting through March Madness.
We are all missing Savannah :-)

Ahhhh, Sandi...Another prize?
Are you kidding me?
What did I win? I can hardly wait to find out...

It is SO nice to see your memories of Savannah are still fresh! Ours are too, both of the Gathering and wonderful friends AND of the fabulous city itself (which we need to return to). Our friends are going in May, and I gave them the red caddy tour as a "must do"!

I love your flower photos! Keep posting!

Oh, Palma,
Thank you so much! And your friends will LOVE the red caddy and Geoff who is a darling, darling man. He spoiled us totally...the best thing I did for myself was to turn ourselves over to him for 5 hours. Fan-freakin'-tastic!
Ciao, bella,

Barb Cabot:

Hi Brenda, I just found your blog! I was reading Sandi's Whistle stop blog and she mentioned your name among the other slowtrav bloggers and i wondered if the Brenda mentioned was indeed you
! Hurray it is!. I loved the way you wrote on the boards and now I look forward to keeping up with you though your posts here. Thanks again for all you did for all of us. You are such a fun loving wonderful soul. I'll be one of your blog fans from now on. Cheers and welcome home! Fondest regards, Barb Cabot

Hi, Barb,
What a blessing you are for Slowtrav! You are so so so kind, and it's lovely to hear from you!
I'm delighted that you enjoyed the things that I worked on...it's a blast for me to organize things like this. Happy as anything that you liked it!

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