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Casts and things...


I hate ice.
Snow and ice.
Rain, when it falls on the snow, and freezes the whole damned mess onto the pavement in front of my home.

It snowed here last week, a late-in-the-year snowfall to remind us that we do live in a 4-season climate.

Getting out of my car in front of my home after work on Thursday, I slipped and fell down hard on a sheet of ice and snow on the street.

As I slammed down onto the ice-coated pavement, my right foot caught on an ice edge, twisted inwards sharply...the pain was instantaneous.
That nausea-inducing pain immediately followed the loud snap that I heard at the same instant my foot turned inward and collapsed under the force of my weight!

Luckily, two of my friends were at my home, shoveling the snow off my driveway, and they rushed to help me. They also slipped and fell on the icy street, and finally we managed to stand upright, together.
I slipped and fell...again.

The doctor, nursing staff and x-ray tech were fantastic.
After x-rays, my doctor gave me the happy news that there were no broken bones.
"Good bones, Brenda! You have GOOD bones!", the medical staff exclaimed, again and again.

Rather than a break, I had severely sprained my ankle, causing major damage to the tendons and ligaments, as well as a gigantic amount of internal bleeding and bruising.

My doctor sent me home with a cast on my right leg, from my toes to my knee...my first cast ever.

"The fleas of life ~ you know, colds, hangovers, bills, sprained ankles and little nuisances of one sort or another.” ~ William Styron


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Oh no Brenda. I am glad you didn't break it but still, what a bummer. I hope you are not in too much pain anymore. Take good care! Hugs...

Thanks so much!
I am gradually losing the black/purple/navy blue and green colouring and can actually walk without a limp, now!
It's really sore and quite weak so I'll be very careful for a long time, I think,


Bless your heart! The toes are lookin' good, love that color :)

Hugs to you,


Thank you so much, Jen!
The pedicure was getting a little tatty-looking and it had been a day or three since I'd shaved my legs...those things were on my mind as the doctor and nursing staff took care of me! Wierd, huh? Almost as worried about that as I was about the pain!

Nancy L:

Dear Brenda, I'm so sorry to hear about your ankle. Know that I'm sending you lots of good "vibes" for a speedy recovery.

Nancy L

Thanks, Nancy!
It must be helping because the bruising is fading and the ache is getting less each day! Keep those healing vibes coming!


Ouch, Brenda. I am sorry to hear that you are in a cast.

Get well soon. Naps and tea are good medicine, I am sure. Take care.


Ouchie! I hope it heals fast!!

And it's hard to believe it's still snowing in your neck of the woods.

Yeppers, that late spring snowfall was a surprise!
So was the fall on the ice...drat! :-(
Better now, less black and blue, green and purple...still swollen at the end of the day, though, so now I sit with my foot up and ice on it to reduce the fat foot look!

Oooh! That looks terrible Brenda. I've sprained my ankle several times and it is not fun. They seem to take forever to heal.

Take care and mend soon.

Sandi @ the whistlestop cafe:

Bless your heart!
At least this was after Savannah! You and Mindy would have been dueling canes.
Thank God your toe nails looked good!!

No kidding! I was quite worried that I hadn't shaved my legs in the last few days! What a princess!

Oh Brenda, I'm so sorry to hear about this! Take care and hope you heal up soon! Annie


Brenda, I just saw this -- yikes!!! I hope you're feeling better (and that wretched ice and snow has melted away)

But how great to hear that you have good bones. Brava!

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