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Women for Women Interational...Happy Mother's Day


I have been helping an organization called Women for Women International.
I've been matched with an 18 year old woman in Kosova, and have started writing letters to her, letting her know that I am committed to sending her letters and gifts and cold, hard cash on a regular basis.
The cash makes a huge difference for her and her family who live with very little money and sporadic jobs, a dreadful situation left over from the fighting in the war-torn country where she was born.

Here's some very good information about this organization. Caroline Kennedy has written a feature article about the founder, Zainab Salbi. In the TIME Magazine May 1, 2008 issue, you'll find this great story. Here's the link...

"Women for Women International and its founder and CEO Zainab Salbi were featured in an article by Caroline Kennedy in the latest issue of Time Magazine. Kennedy highlights how the most urgent tasks involved in rebuilding a post-conflict society fall to women."

Zainab Salbi, Women for Women International Founder and CEO, is a remarkable woman with a remarkable story. Read this and see if you don't agree with me.

Caroline Kennedy writes, "As Mother's Day approaches, it's worth remembering that of the more than 35 million people displaced by conflict... the vast majority are women and children."
So, for this Mother's Day, I'm going to help some moms in other parts of the world...my mom passed away a year and a half ago, and Mother's Day is always a sad and grieving day for me. Maybe this will ease that somewhat for me, and more importantly, I hope it gives some other moms a better life.
Here's their website...
"A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie." ~ Tenneva Jordan

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What a wonderful post. Mother's day is one of those days I just want over now that my mom passed away. What a great idea this is. Thanks so much for posting it.

You are very welcome,
I like the idea of making Mother's Day a positive thing for me, because I miss my mom so much at this time. This works for me, hopefully, it does also make a difference for you!

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