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Seat Sales! Gotta Love 'Em...

There ARE miracles everywhere...especially when looking for seat sales...

Seat sales.
There's nothing better for my frugal nature than to have my patience rewarded by finding a seat sale with an airline.

When I'm planning a trip, the very first thing I do is book my accommodation, because the most important thing for me is to have a gorgeous little apartment or B & B to stay in while I'm traveling.

The very next thing I do is book my flights.
Sitting like a vulture, watching for those elusive seat sales, I check the websites of Air Canada and Westjet several times each day. I know that Air Canada posts their seat sales and special fares on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, usually late in the evening. I also know that their competitor, Westjet, follows hot on their heels. So, I'm like a bird-dog, constantly checking, checking, sniffing for a sale.

Et, voila!
It pays off in spades, this year!
I finally found a day flight from Toronto to London, England for $199 one way. That was a 5 star day for me! I almost missed it.

A few weeks ago, after my usual many-times-a-day checking the internet, I'd gone to bed to read the latest Jodi Picoult novel. In the middle of a dramatic moment in the book,it dawned on me that I hadn't done my usual midnight flight search that evening. I groaned, crabbily scrunched myself out of my warm, cozy bed and waddled sleepily to my laptop. As Air Canada's website opened, I punched in my travel dates and hit 'Enter.' There, right before my eyes, a delicious seat sale had just been posted! Toronto to London for the amazing price of $199 each way was exactly what I'd been waiting for.

Now, I'll admit...when all the taxes, airport improvement costs, assorted fees and charges had been added up, the flight was no longer $199. More like $979.56 return. Still, a far cry from the $1600+ I'd been seeing for weeks. I'm blissfully happy, the grand-darling's thrilled and Air Canada has 2 more paying passengers to add to their roster!

Toronto to London...that's all well and good, but we live near Edmonton, Alberta. That's not even close to Toronto! So, I've started all over again, scrounging the websites, looking for that miraculous seat sale...
Edmonton to Toronto, Edmonton to Toronto. I've seen the fares go from $239 to $279 to $309...and I've been kicking my Little Irish butt for not snapping up the flights when they were $239.

This afternoon, while taking a break from my clients at work, I idled my way over to my laptop, Googled 'Air Canada' and screeched out loud, "Seat sale! Seat sale!" Kristen, my front office person asked me what was going on.

"There it is, a seat sale to Toronto!" I shouted. "$199 one way, finally!"

I quickly called my favorite travel person in the Universe, Ryan at Flight Center, I asked him to book the Edmonton to Toronto portion of this trip...$301 with all taxes, for each of us! Perfection.

Now, I'll go back to patiently watching for the return portion of this trip to pop up in seat sale mode, and I'll do this all over again.
See, it's definitely worth it! Even though it means spending a few hours on the internet, keeping a watchful lookout for the sales, it makes a huge difference in the end result of the cost of a trip. Less cashola spent on our flights equals more dineros to spend on good food, a special tour, a train trip out of the city to Giverny.

So, our apartment's booked, our flights are almost completely booked, and all that's left to do is to gather my various little pots of money together and see if it's enough to take me there and back again. A small cache in a savings account, the $200 I've been saving from a generous and appreciative client...it all counts. Added together, it should just about be enough...
Paris and London, we're on our way!

"When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money." ~ Susan Heller

Chestnut trees in the springtime in Paris...

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Congratulations!!! I know just how you feel. My upcoming trip wasn't even a gleam in my eye last week, but then I saw a return flight to London from Halifax for $574 all incl (charter flight), plus an EasyJet flight London to Pisa return for another $130 or so. I thought about it for two days and couldn't get it out of my mind, so suddenly I find myself flying to Florence this October. (Of course by the time I bought the ticket, Air Transat had raised their fuel surcharge and the Hfx-London flight was $700, but by then it was too late...I was hooked!

Your trip with your grand-daughter sounds delightful. I can just imagine how thrilled she must be at this opportunity.

Thanks so much, Anne!
Woo-hoo! Good for you, grabbing the cheap flights for a gorgeous trip! I love seat sales, and I'm patient enough to sit and wait til they come along.
You very surely scored a great one for this trip of yours.
TiaD and me...a fantastic team, I think!

Yay!! I'm so happy you got a good deal! With the way the fares are rising and the cuts in fares to/from Hawaii, I am going to have to start watching those fares also a few times a day when I start to plan my next trip.

$199 to $979.56 with the added taxes and fees? Wow, some hefty fees there.

You bet those taxes and fees are hideous! I was shocked to see how it added up. So, $199 seems cheap, until....
I'm so tenacious, I check 4 - 5 times a day, just takes a moment to look in and see what's happening, and I can spot the trend when the prices start to drop.
Good luck looking for your next seat sale!


Yay, Brenda! Congratulations on booking your tickets at a great price -- you're ready to go!

I agree about finding just the right place to stay, first thing. Once I have that, everything else seems to fall in place.

Thanks so much!
It's flow, baby...everything falls into place when the time is right!
I was so delighted to find the sales, but the taxes and "additional fees" brought it up to close to $1000! Some seat sale, huh?

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