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Jammies and Tea


Some days you don't even want to get out of bed, you know what I mean?
Today was one of those days.
I slept late, had a long shower and put on....
my saggy baggy-butt blue and white checkered flannel 'jammies!

I wasn't even going to pack them for this trip.
I told myself, "Self! You put those saggy baggy-butt 'jammies back in the drawer! You are NOT taking them with you...especially not to PARIS, of all places!"

That was what my rational self told my other self.
Guess who won?
A good thing, too, 'cause otherwise I'd not have had anything comfortable to wear today!

After making a yummy breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast and Confiture Bonne Maman Abricots, green tea and a huge glass of pamplemousse juice, I settled in to eat and read and veg. That kind of day doesn't make a very interesting entry in my blog today, and I'm not sure how to juice it up to make it a better read. A day like today does remind me of a very dear friend of mine, though.

My friend always wants to travel with me, and I always tell her no.
Because her definition of a successful vacation is measured by how many places she sees and how many events she attends, how many miles she puts on and how many tours she takes.
My definition of a successful vacation is measured quite differently. I look more to see how much time I take for myself...to paint, window-shop, to daydream or to take several soul-restoring afternoon naps and eat huge helpings of ice cream whenever I want.


As you can see, we come at this vacation thing from entirely polar opposites.
I could work with that if only my friend would let me have my kind of vacation. That's the problem. She wants me to run myself ragged right along side of her. She has no understanding of my need to sit and stare out of the window or to walk through the parks and have a caffe creme at a sidewalk cafe. Because I'm not racking up the miles running from one vineyard to another winery on any of several available tours, she sees me as a failure at experiencing successful vacations, whereas I see myself as a complete and rip-roaring success!

There's nothing wrong with her kind of vacation. Neither is there anything wrong with my style of holidaying. The problems occur when she insists that I travel at warp speed with her. As she so succinctly put it, "I have no desire to stand and watch you paint for hours! That would bore me to tears!"

I haven't asked her to stand and watch me paint...I've only asked her to respect my desire to do so. It's because she cannot do that that we'll not ever take a trip to the corner drugstore together, never mind across the ocean.

Too bad, because I love her a lot and we get along completely, for the most part. Until she decides that I know what's best for me in the vacation area, this is one thing that we'll have to agree to disagree about, I guess.

So, as I settle in for a soft and comfy day wrapped in a blanket curled up on the sofa, I'm reminded of my friend who cannot stop moving until she drops from exhaustion. How I wish for her a little more calmness and peace in her life. I'm sure, by the same token, she wishes for me a little more joy-juice on my vacations.

Interesting, the differences between people...that's what makes the world go around, I think. If we were all the same as me, there'd be a world of people who are vegging out over their morning toast and eggs, while sitting in their saggy baggy-butt blue and white checkered 'jammies...
Not a bad visual, is it?

“Did I ever tell you how I shot a wild elephant in my pyjamas? How he got into my pyjamas I'll never know.” ~ Groucho Marx


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