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St. Margaret's Church Westminster Abbey

St. Margaret's Church, Westminster Abbey, Parliament Square...

While wandering this afternoon, we found a beautiful cathedral called St. Margaret's Church. It is an Anglican church, located in the grounds of Westminster Abbey on Parliament Square. This church is the parish church for the British Houses of Parliament in London. It was dedicated to Margaret of Antioch.

The church was founded in the 12th century by the benedictine monks so local people could worship in a simpler parish church than Westminster Abbey. It was rebuilt from 1486 - 1523, and became "the parish of the Palace of Westminster in 1614, when the Puritans of the 17th century, unhappy with the highly liturgical Abbey, chose to hold Parliamentary services in the more 'suitable' St. Margaret's, a practice that has since continued."

Some of the sundials on the church's towers...

"Notable features include the Eastern window of 1509 of Flemish stained glass, created to remember the betrothal of Catherine of Aragon to Prince Arthur, elder brother of Henry VIII. Other windows commemorate William Caxton, Britain's first printer, who was buried at the church in 1491, Sir Walter Raleigh, executed in Old Palace Yard and then also buried in the church in 1618, and the poet John Milton, a parishioner of the church. The collector Henry Constantine Jennings is also buried there." ~ Wikipedia

The sundial clocks are gorgeous, the architecture of the exterior is simply breathtaking. We are not allowed in today, and the entire place is closed for a restoration the sign politely tells us...still, lovely to see this magnificent church up close today.

"The church has been a common venue for "society" weddings, including those of Samuel Pepys and Sir Winston Churchill. The ensemble of St. Margaret's, the Palace of Westminster, and Westminster Abbey is a World Heritage Site." ~ Wikipedia


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