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Barack Obama...A Nice Guy...

I don't live in the United States.
I'm a Canadian, not an American.
Still, I've been caught up in the Democratic National Convention just as surely as if I lived in Savannah or Des Moines, in Fargo or San Diego.

I like Barack Obama.
He seems like a genuinely nice guy to me.
Not flashy, pushy or hard-sell.
Just down-to-earth and ordinary.
I like that about him.

I know, I know, anyone who reaches this level in the stratosphere of the political system doesn't get there by selling newspapers or bagging groceries at the market. I understand that he's a senator, a politician, and he has experience in this field, so he's not a guy next door who happened to step into the fray last week.

I admire him and his family immensely.
Good people trying to do good things.
Nothing wrong with that!

"We need to internalize this idea of excellence. Not many folks spend a lot of time trying to be excellent." ~
Barack Obama

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yeah Brenda! That's what I like to hear -- all nationalities doing their part.

We have all had 'enough'.

Yeah, I think SO!
It's interesting, following someone else's political conventions, and knowing that WE are also going to have a fall-winter election, also, so I'm getting in the groove...

He's got my vote!

Thumbs up, girasole!
Fingers crossed and all those other good luck things...


Brenda, do you all get coverage of the conventions or just highlights on news programs? Just curious if you saw his speach on Thursday night?

We get CNN on our Starchoice and Bell satellite systems, as well as on most of the cable systems, also. All of the US networks are available on my satellite programming, so I can over dose on it, if I want to!
I saw a portion of the speech, not all of it.
We'll be having a fall-winter election, also, so I'm getting ready for that, also.

I love him. He gives me hope for the future!


And Brenda, please look at this photo from the NY Times taken during his speech last week. I do believe that's an ORB!

That's a gigantic orb, halo-ing his head!
How wonderful is that!
Thanks for sharing the photo, I love it!
And, thanks for posting on my blog...

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