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Elvis Lives! No, really...


Nobody sings Glory, Glory Hallelujah like Elvis.
Nobody sings My Way like him, either.
Or, That's Alright, Mama...
Or, Suspicious Minds.
Or, How Great Thou Art...

In a few days, it will be the 31st anniversary of his death.
As on other dreadful days over the years, I remember exactly what I was doing when I heard the news.
...doing inventory in the municipal library in my home town...
I heard it on the radio.

Elvis Presley dead?
No, not Elvis...
"It can't be," I thought.
He'd been a part of my life since I was 10 years old and it seemed impossible that he'd died at 42.

But, the radio station was playing all of his gospel music, in between the news broadcasts of his passing and the updates from Memphis. So, it must be true.

I have so many memories that are coloured by his music...
...I was 10 years old when Love Me Tender hit the charts, and that was also the first Elvis movie I saw. I remember the older kids at the movie screaming when he sang, screaming when he walked and screaming when he smiled. I remember wishing they'd shut up so I could hear him singing!

...My about-to-be husband was a singer in a band with his best friend and they sang every new Elvis song in perfect two-part harmony. My favorite was always Are You Lonesome Tonight? Second favorite...Can't Help Falling In Love With You.

The funny thing is there is this crazy perception in the world that Elvis Presley was more a guy with an addiction than a guy with a string of successes, but the truth is that he remains one of the top selling recording artists, even after his death 31 years ago.

Consider this...
...Elvis starred in 33 successful films.
...He has sold over one billion records, more than any other artist.
...He earned gold, platinum or multi-platinum awards for 150 different albums and singles, which is far more than any other recording artist.
...He was awarded 14 Grammy nominations, of which he had 3 wins, from the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences
...He was awarded the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award at age 36.
...He was named one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men of the Nation in 1970 by the United States Jaycees.
...He sold out countless tours and performances in Las Vegas.
...Elvis' total album sales in the United States had climbed to 100 million copies, up from a previous tally of 80 million.

He had the most amazing voice coupled with the best sense of musicality and an absolutely perfect pitch...no one can top him, in my opinion.

So, 31 years later, I can tell you it's true!
Elvis lives...at least, he does for those of us who adored his music and thought he was the hottest thing since friend peanut butter and banana sandwiches!

"Adversity is sometimes hard upon a man; but for one man who can stand prosperity, there are a hundred that will stand adversity." ~ Elvis

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Oh, Brenda, I SO agree about Elvis. He was the first man I ever idolized, and all future men were compared to him. The look, the voice - what can I say - he was the ultimate man to me.

I was in Hawaii at Coco Palms Resort, where Elvis filmed Blue Hawaii, when the news came on TV that he had died. I cried for the entire next week. I haven't been back to Hawaii since that 1977 trip.

Thank you so much for your blog post - it made me think again and remember Elvis and how much he meant to me.

Hi, Nancy,
Thanks for posting...yep, he was an amazing person, a fantastic musician and a gifted and extraordinary human being with lots of demons, just like everyone else.

I was at my mom's house getting ready to start my first year of college when I heard the news. I watched all the coverage and now, it is so surprising how young he was, only 42. What a voice.

I've visited Graceland in Memphis twice and had such a good time!

Isn't it amazing how we all know where we were and what we were doing when we heard about his passing?
Now, I have kids who are on either side of 42...one is 44 and the other 41. That really brings it into perspective for me...

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