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Hillary Rodham Clinton

Say what you want about Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, she's a rule breaker, a strong and ballsy woman. I found it fascinating to watch this woman's journey reaching up to the ultimate height in the political world of the United States.

She told us tonight in her speech for Barack Obama that her mother was raised in a generation where women had no right to vote for a president. Today, her daughter Chelsea can introduce her own mother as the woman who ran for the presidency. What a dramatic shift in time. Changes happen and sometimes they seem to happen slowly, unnoticed. This brought it home for me, hearing that three generational paradigm shift.

Amazingly, that's the reality of the changes that have happened over three generations in our world. I'm proud of her and I admire her immensely for taking the long walk to freedom for so many other women in the world. I know that she didn't win the ultimate position that she sought, but I also know that she won far more than the Democratic nomination for the presidency.

What she won was the hearts of women who cannot stand up for themselves, women who don't have the strength to take a stand and help themselves to a better life. These women are forever lifted up on the wings of her own strength and they will be stronger internally for having listened and absorbed a little bit of what she has to offer.

Good on ya, Hillary
I'm convinced. You'd make a hell of a president!
Next time, girlfriend...next time.

"You show people what you're willing to fight for when you fight your friends." ~ Hillary Clinton

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