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Olympic Gold, Silver, Bronze...


Beijing Olympics 2008
An interesting happening, this year.
I'm more a fan of the winter Olympics, but having said that, I've also been watching the summer Olympics occasionally, just to keep in touch.

Here are my Gold Medal performances, regardless of what medal they won:
~ Usain Bolt - 100 metres, 200 metres - simply amazing!

Photo credit - The Sun, UK

~Eric Lamaze - Equestrian Individual - What a guy! He's overcome so many obstacles and now, a gold medal for his perfect round on Hickstead. Lovely way to end his Olympics in Beijing!

Photo credit - CTV News

~ Ian Millar - Equestrian Team - finally! Ian's in his 9th Olympics, and this is his first medal! Persistence pays off, eventually.

Photo credit - CTV News

~ Simon Whitfield - Men's Triathlon - He's a gritty, gutsy competitor I'm very proud of him!

Photo credit - CTV News

And, now, for my special Boo-berry Olympic Gold Medal:
~ Dr. Jacques Rogge - He disapproves of Usain Bolt's celebratory dance, after blowing the end out of the stadium with 2 record-breaking races. Now, I ask ya, what better way to spice up the sometimes mundane and boring programming than by having a young guy with infinite talent letting the world know he's over-the-moon with his gold medals? Jacques, baby...take a Midol, get some sleep and you'll feel much better, I'm sure.

"It means a lot for me and my country," Usain Bolt said. "I spoke to the prime minister on the phone and he told me everybody is in the streets!"

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I don't know much about Lamaze, but I did get to see the indiv competition; the jump-off was so exciting. Wow, just found some info about him. oh dear. Japan's dressage rider Hiroshi Hoketsu is 67! Love Ian Miller also. I've seen him compete.

One of my fav stories was the German weightlifter --
Matthias Steiner. His reaction was so touching.

You knew I'd show up on this post, yes?!? Loving it still. 2 1/2 days left :(

What are you going to do when it's over???
Closing ceremonies were just as you said, kinda like huh? and the sound sucked! Leona Lewis and Placido Domingo were so hard to hear, and she's got a stunning voice, and there's nothing left to say about his gift!
Ciao, bella...

I loved the Olympics also!! A few of us were walking around sleep deprived after watching all the events. There were so many amazing stories - so inspirational!

To me, no one should be singing "Whole Lotta Love" except Led Zeppelin. There are certain songs that are just not the same. I would have rather seen Leona Lewis sing one of her songs.

So, THAT was what she was singing! I had no idea, couldn't hear her at all. What sucky sound...with her and the other fantastic talent, it would have been nice to have been able to hear them better.
Thanks for posting, girasole!!!

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