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The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan

...photo from National Geographic website

I've been watching this National Geographic program for over a year and it truly is an amazing show. It's not just a pet show or a dog trainer program. The Dog Whisperer is light years ahead of anything else that I've seen, for people with what they think are 'problem dogs.'

Problem owners is more like it. I'm not being judgmental, I'm just stating a fact. Dogs live in a hierarchical system. The top dog is the leader of the pack and takes charge of the rest of the dogs in that pack. A pack can consist of dogs, or dogs and their human owners. If the owners don't take control of the pack, then the dog will take over.

Mother Nature abhors a vacuum. If one is created by a weak, fearful or insecure owner not stepping up into a leadership role, then Mother Nature takes over and the dog steps up, because the humans aren't doing it.

Cesar Millan understands this backwards and forwards. He teaches dog owners the same lesson over and over again, day after day. I don't know how he has the patience to repeat himself day after day, advising dog owners to change their energy to give off a calm and assertive energy to tell the dog that the owner is in charge and so, the dog can relax.

Cesar gives the same information and the same direction to each dog owner...stand up, take control of the situation and be your dog's pack leader. Simple, you think? I think so!

But, on this program, it's never simple.
Well, the lesson that Cesar teaches is simple, but the owners getting what he's teaching is often complicated by their inability to comprehend the concept of energy that they are projecting towards the dog.

If you haven't seen the show, take a few minutes and find it on the National Geographic channel and watch a few episodes. It's pretty cool stuff!

" I rehabilitate dogs, I train people." ~ Cesar Millan

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I wish I could (watch it, that is). Maybe someday! :)

I loved his book; wish he'd write another one, but like you said it's a pretty simple philosphy. Wonder if it works with chicks?

Thanks, Karen!
Let me know if the chick responds to calm assertive energy!

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