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Hoo-hoo! Lots of Controversy on All Fronts Tonight.....

I read a very well-thought-out post on Jane's blog tonight and posted the following comments for Jane.
You can read her thoughts here...

Here is a link to another good woman's thoughts on her blog post about this craziness...this is from Diana:

So, here's my perspective, from the north side of the 49th...

Aiiiiiy, carumba!
Can a cautious Canuck comment?
Can I take up a few minutes of your time to hear me out?

I've been in the political ring for 12 years. That is only municipal politics, but still...
Here's what I know for sure...being mayor of a town or city in NO WAY qualifies a person to be the Vice President of any country. Trust me on this, in no way. This is like jumping from Grade 3 into 4th year med school.

After 12 years of serving the taxpayers of my community, I was asked to allow my name to stand for MLA in my riding for our provincial government, a similar position to a senator in the U.S., I think. I refused, based on the irrefutable knowledge that I was ill-equipped to take that position.

I'm a fairly bright, intelligent and thoughtful woman, as some of you know. So, it's not that I feared my own intelligence was lacking!
Not at all.
What I knew in my heart that I was lacking was governmental experience at that level of government. I knew I could not serve the electorate with anything close to an experienced mind.

So, with that as my background, I feel like I have some experience which allows me to have an opinion of some value...I seriously question the selection of Ms. Palin as the Vice Presidential running mate for John McCain of the Republican party, and not because of her family, her belief system, her faith or her hairstyle.

I question it for these 2 reasons:
~ Her obvious lack of federal government experience. That can only be acquired by serving as a congresswoman or a senator.

Imagine a newly-minted governor like Arnold Schwarzenegger taking the Vice Presidency. He's just not there, yet. Cool as Arnold is, he's just not there.

The intelligent progression would be from mayor to governor to senator and/or congresswoman. Then, and only then, would it make sense to take a crack at the Vice President position.

~ Here's the other thing...when seeking a person to work on a management team, the most valuable person to choose to complement your strengths and add strength to your weaknesses would be someone different from you, not someone who has the same beliefs and the same characteristics.

When people choose someone like themselves to support them in a political or management position, nothing changes.

When they choose someone who complements their character, strengthens their weaknesses and provide cover-your-ass strategies in the areas that they are weakest, then they have formed a great team. A complete team, rather than a one-sided and unbalanced combination, which occurs when 2 people who are the same are put into a management or political position.

Just like in a great marriage, I think. Each person in the marriage gives strength to the areas where their partner is lacking, thus making a stronger and more stable partnership.

Anyway, I'm getting off my soap box, before someone pushes me off...that's how I see it from this side of the border.

And, before anyone thinks that I'm anti-Sarah, let me reassure you, I'm not. What I am is anti-inexperience, particularly as a resident of a country that is a neighbour of the country that she might be Vice President of, and possibly President of...it does not leave me with a very safe feeling, knowing that someone with such an immense lack of experience in top-level government workings just might be in charge of dealing with the leaders of some of those countries that scare the hell out of me, in charge of dealing with them if push comes to shove and the President's not available to take the steering wheel.

Thanks for posting this thoughtful topic, Jane. Good job!
Most people don't have the whizzies to bring this out into the open. Good for you!

"Courage is fear that has said its prayers." ~ Dorothy Bernard

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