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Migraine! Damn...

I haven't had a damned migraine for ages.
Thought that I was finally past that...NOT!

Just a few minutes after 4:00 A.M. this morning, a migraine woke me with a slam. It felt like this...


Get up, find a yoghurt in the fridge, eat it quickly.
A buffer for the 400 mg. Motrin to follow.

Back to bed, with a steaming hot microwaved PitPac wrapped around my neck.
Close eyes, try to relax...nightmare thoughts roll through my mind while drifting in and out of sleep.
Scary stuff.
It felt like this...


At 7:00 A.M. I give up on sleep.
Get up, eat another yoghurt, take another 400 mg. Motrin.

Back to bed. Finally, blissful sleep.
Waking at half past noon, I realize that the Motrin's broken the back of the migraine.

I have no idea what caused this one. Usually, I can figure out the trigger and actually have become quite adept at knowing ahead of time what the precursers are and then taking the steps to avoid a full-blown migraine.

This one caught me unaware, for certain. Now that it's over, I'm feeling a little less nauseous, a little stronger and a little more like myself.

Weird, just plain weird.
I'm happy it's on the way out and happy to be without the blinding pain.

Just venting, that's all, just venting...thanks for listening.

“Patients with migraines know precisely when and how often and how long their headaches strike. They often come in with long lists. When you have a patient with lists, you have a patient with migraine.”
~ Unknown

Now, I feel like this...


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I'm with ya on the photo-journal of migraine pain! That is dead-on...even the hydrangeas at the end!

Glad you're feeling better!


Aiiiiiyaiiiii! Migraines, they suck!
I feel so much better, now that it is over...
Thanks for posting!

I know exactly the feelings of those photos. I could almost feel a migraine when looking at them (especially the second one)! Sorry you woke up to a bad one and glad it is gone. Let's hope this will be your last!

Hi, girasole...
I also have a fever and other sickies so maybe it's part and parcel of a flu or virus or...who knows.
I'm just happy it's gone!

Sorry to hear about your migraine but happy to hear that you’re back to normal. Stay well!

Thanks, I do feel better.
What a pain those migraines are..no pun intended!

The photos to describe the pain
They reminded me of the chart of facial expressions nursing homes use for their patients with aphasia to help them express the intensity of pain.

Thanks for posting, Deborah!
I hate migraines..have only had them for the past few years, and I've not had one for ages now...until this one.
The photos seemed to personify the pain and the relief!

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