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This is a little gargoyle that has been trapped in one of the pillars outside Chartres Cathedral for centuries.
When the restoration reached this set of pillars, these little guys showed up, underneath centuries of grime and smog and dirt.
Here's another one...


...and here's the pillar showing how they were sculpted into the stone.
I'm amazed, totally.



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A great take on the "wild" theme!

Thanks so much, Anne!
A fun search for wild photos...
Glad you liked them!

These photos of the hidden gargoyles are wonderful! I don't know why but to me they look very whimsical, like little surprises. I see a smile on the first one, but gargoyles don't smile, do they?

They are sososo cute!
I'll email you the actual photos so you can see the little darlings!

Gargoyles and whimsey... are two of my favorite things. :)

Thank you for posting, Leslie!
I miss you on Slowtrav...so it's great to hear from you here!
I love gargoyles! There is a darling little shop across the street from the cathedral in Chartres and they sell perfect replicas of those famous gargoyles...only one problem..the weight for getting them home. So, I sadly left them all sitting there in the window!
Take good care,

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