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Soon, I'll be painting in the mountains, again!

Maligne Lake

Every fall, for 2 weeks, a group of intrepid watercolourists get together in the Rockies, those stately and beautiful mountains that run nearly the entire length of our continent from top to bottom.
I'm blessed to be able to study with my favorite artist, Gregg Johnson. He's absolutely amazing...Gregg has been teaching art in a high school in Edmonton for 35 years, and has retired, only to take on another group of artists who love him to bits.

I'm packing my art supplies, making 1/4 sheets of paper out of full sheets of 300 lb. Arches cold-pressed watercolour paper, taping them to Corplast backboards, counting my tubes of paint, checking my stash of brushes and my collection of images that I've printed from my photos over the past year. Hopefully, one or two of those pictures will become paintings during these lovely 14 days.

Some very fast en plein air mountain studies that dry way too fast!

It gets really cold at night in the mountains, so I am also packing a few layers of fleece vests, jackets, mitts, scarves and headbands. Along with my collection of fleece, I'll include my hiking boots, weatherproof jacket, wool socks and several pairs of wool mitts with sheepskin lining that have fold-back tips to allow my fingertips the freedom to hold a brush in the crisp autumn air.

Medicine Lake in the fall...

I'm so happy to be taking this time away for an indulgence like this. It's good for my soul. Spending time with other artists in the most beautiful place on this planet...what else could be better?

Spirit Island from the shore...

Maligne Lake scenic view of the mountains lining the shore...

“When I was a child, my mother said to me, 'If you become a soldier, you'll be a general.
If you become a monk you'll end up as the pope.'
Instead I became a painter and wound up as Picasso.” ~ Pablo Picasso

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Hi Brenda,
Wishing you a wonderful "painting" retreat in that beautiful part of Canada.

Thank you so much, chiaro!
I'm truly looking forward to hanging out with my paiting pals in that gorgeous area. I "need" my Jasper fix about 2 or 3 times a year.
Hope your trip is splendid!
Buon viaggio, chiaro!


Ooooh, Brenda! You are soooo fortunate! What a great time. Gorgeous is an understatement for those photos - did you take them???

On a separate note, when I 've looked at your posts of Paris with TiaD and France I feel like I was "right behind you"! We arrived Paris at the end of our 6 weeks for 4 nights and just hung out in the Luxembourg Gardens and surrounds. HEAVEN! Why we don't do those kinds of things in our daily lives is something I am going to explore this year!

I wish you were my "neighbor" to go to coffee and share pictures and stories!

I love your blog!

Hi, Laura!
Thank you for your kind words! Yep, those photos are mine. It would be difficult to take terrible photos in the mountains around Jasper, so I take only a tiny bit of the credit for the beauty.
I'm delighted to hear that you hung out in Luxembourg Jardin!!! It is spectacular, peaceful, quiet, gorgeous...indescribable, really. It was my chilling out time every single afternoon, on our way home from wherever.
It's so nice to know that you and others like what I write. Sometimes I think it's just drivel, my words and my thoughts, then every so often, I get confirmation that someone likes it, and that makes me write more.

So, I'm doubly blessed today, because I've heard from chiaro and from you! What a good day!!!

I have heard a lot about Jasper but have never seen photos before. Wow! How majestic and how lucky you are to be able to go there again! Have a wonderful trip!!

Thanks, Susan,
It is truly gorgeous...I'll hopefully be able to blog and post photos from Jasper, while I'm there. The thing is the lodge has no internet connection, so....
It's an internet cafe for me!
I'll post as much as I can,



Think I can fit in your suitcase? I love your blog, the photos, paintings etc....


Come along with me! There's definitely room...
Thank you so much for your lovely words of praise! Makes writing this blog worth it when I hear that people like what I post.

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