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Good Friends...


I had dinner with my dear friend, Lady Eleanora, tonight.
We've been friends for so many years I cannot remember not being friends with her!
We met at a time when we were both going through huge changes in our lives and we just clicked.
Some ethereal bond was formed in those early days of our friendship and it has only grown stronger and deeper over the years.

We are polar opposites in many ways, although that is one thing that gives our friendship wings, I think. She's careful and cautious, I'm carefree and a careful risktaker.
She's detailed and organized, I'm anything but!
She's dainty, tiny and delicate. I'm tall, larger and more substantial.

Merle Shain wrote that friends give each other what the other one is missing, and that's very true of Lady Eleanora for me. From her I get clarity, crisp and clear as a spun glass ornament. I can dump out my troubles on her kitchen table and she'll take a quick look and sum it up in one fell swoop, breaking it down into bite-sized pieces, so I don't choke on it. Rather, it becomes bearable, palatable and manageable for me, and I can walk forward with the reins between my teeth, ready to take on the world.

Tonight, her darling husband dropped us off at a lovely Italian bistro in their neighbourhood. I thought he was going to park the car and join us, but instead, he was heading home and allowing us together time, without him. What a lovely man she lives with...he knows what matters to her and gives it to her. That's love, I think!

After a bottle of Pinot Grigio between us, delectable bruschetta, pasta for her and insalata for me, mango sorbet for her and tiramisu for me...and a ice-cold glass of limoncello for each of us, we are stuffed to the gills and slightly less than stone cold sober. Her husband picked us up at the bistro's front door and delivered us safely home. We so needed a designated driver...

I'm quietly delighted for her that she has this good man in her life, to cherish her and delight in her personality and her very kind heart. I'm equally delighted that he has this lovely woman in his life, to treasure him and feel safe in his company. There's nothing better than knowing that my dear friend is in such loving and protective hands.

Being around them gives me hope...
...hope that there are more good and loving relationships out there, in a world where unloving couples abound
...hope that the world still turns on an axis of love and kindness
...hope that people like my friend can find people like her husband to walk beside forever.

Thank you, Lady Eleanora, for being my friend, and for loving me without condition or restraint.
You make my life immeasurably better by your presence.

“Friends are like windows through which you see out into the world and back into yourself.
If you don't have friends you see much less than you otherwise might.” ~ Merle Shain


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That is such a sweet posting, what a great thing it is to be called your friend :)

More soon, your work, school crazed friend-


Thanks, Jen,
That's so nice of you!
You sound like you are ready for a few days in Italy!
Take good care,

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