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Last Moments in Jasper...

Here are a few last minute thoughts about my 2 weeks in Jasper...things I remembered after I came home and reviewed my photos and my notes. Hopefully, you will come to the mountains some day. You'd love it there...so peaceful, so beautiful.


We saw clouds like this one, hanging on the edge of the mountaintop up near Cottonwood Slough, a few miles from Patricia Lake.


Here's the cake that is a tradition with our group. It is our dessert at the weekly BBQ...I order it from the local bakery, Bear's Paw Bakery. It's a double chocolate layer cake with real buttercream frosting. Double dee-lish!
That's Henry, one of the local Jasper artists and an organizer of several of our weekly events pointing out the writing on the cake...Watercolorists Rule! That's our motto!


Reflections like this one on Lac Beauvert give the artists the heebie-jeebies. So difficult to paint, so tricky to get right...so delectable to look at, while trying to figure out how to recreate on paper.


Finally, Big Daddy, the bull elk that terrorized the grounds at our lodge...I'm being a typical tourist, too stupid to get the hell out of his road! I'd rather risk my personal safety by taking a few photos from the shelter of the front porch on the office!

"What a splendid thing watercolor is to express atmosphere and distance, so that the figure is surrounded by air and can breathe in it.” ~ Vincent van Gogh

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Brenda - these are stunning photos . . . what a wonderful time you've had.

Thanks, Jerry!
I loved spending those 2 weeks in my favorite corner of this world. Thank goodness for our national parks!
I've got several partially finished paintings sitting around the family room, leaning on the piano, sitting on top of the TV, all waiting for me to finish them!

Nancy L:

Brenda, your blogs and photos from Jasper have been a wonderful gift for all of us. At the end of each day, I've found myself sinking into your experiences. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you so much, Nancy,
How lovely that you're enjoying my little story.
I love this area of our country and I can spend days and days just looking and painting and wandering...
Peaceful and stunningly beautiful!

I've really been enjoying your blog about this watercoloring trip, Brenda. Your photos are beautiful.

Thank you, Deborah!
It has been a magical and soul-filling experience, and I now have so much more in my photo file for future paintings...I can hardly wait!
When you get here, I'll take you to all of these luscious spots and you'll be in heaven...or at least, as close as one can get here on earth...

Oh my stars! The cake, the elk... the scenery! What bliss. ;)

Yummy, for sure...thank you for posting, Leslie!
I totally love being in the mountains with the fall colours on the trees. The food's pretty spectacular, also...(oink!)

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