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My Favorite Restaurant Has Been Sold...the Food's TERRIBLE!

I stopped at my favorite local restaurant for dinner tonight.
After a long day of shopping for furniture for a condo, I decided to treat myself and let someone else make my dinner.

I ordered my usual, Chicken Souvlaki.
The server delivered it to my table after a very long wait, which was unusual for this place.
It just didn't look right to me, so I took a small taste.
That's all I could taste.

It looked like the skewers of chicken had been rolled lavishly in a heap of ground pepper.
Tasted like it, also.

I tried the salad.
Room temperature...no, wait, it was warm!
That's definitely unsafe to eat...room temperature salad dressing!

After a few small bites, I admitted to myself that it was going to be an inedible meal. I called the server over and explained politely to her that this was not up to the usual excellent souvlaki served here.

She looked at me as if I had just grown a second head and informed me that SHE loved the souvlaki.
Wrong answer.
I repeated my comment that this was not their usual delicious souvlaki, and I asked if there had been a change of ownership.

"Yes," she confirmed, "There has been."
I knew something was different.

She asked if she could bring me something else and I declined.
I'd lost my taste for something to eat.
She brought me the bill.
To my surprise, she'd deducted $10 from an $18.75 dinner receipt.
I looked at her, realized that it was useless to argue with her, paid the bill and left the restaurant.

Later tonight, I mentioned this to a client and he said they'd had the very same experience there and will not be going back.
Too bad!
This was my old reliable and now...it's just another restaurant that serves mediocre food.

"Red meat is not bad for you.
Now blue-green meat, that’s bad for you!" ~ Tommy Smothers

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We had the same experience at one of our local restaurants a few years ago, Brenda.
It feels almost like a death in the family, doesn't it?

You are so right, Deborah, it does feel like that.
I was so disappointed and more than that, I was quite upset that there was no attempt made to hear what I was saying to the server.
She was very insistent that the chicken was better than their old way of prepping it, that the salad was made fresh every single day...nothing acknowledged about the fact that the salad, although freshly prepared, was sitting in a container in the kitchen, unrefrigerated! ACK!
So, time to find another go-to restaurant, I guess.:-(


Hi B.,
I too have had this happen.
I like some things to stay the same.
It really bugged me when they remodeled my regular grocery store and made it into one of these mega...buy everything in one huge gigantic space.
Are you home from your painting holiday? Hope you enjoyed it.

Hi, chiaro...
Thanks for posting!
was so sad about this place disintegrating! t has been so consistently wonderful for over 20 years and now? YUK!
I'm home, had a great time and have posted an album of photos on my blog.
Take good care,

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