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Photohunter topic for this week...Scary.
How to choose, how to choose...there are so many scary images in my files!

Let's start with this scary-for-me image.
It is a photo of the stairway that goes down underground into the ancient crypt beneath Chartres Cathedral.
The crypt is located directly below the cathedral.
I was trapped in that crypt for a few very scary hours this past July.

If I'd not wanted just one more photo session in that crypt, I'd never have walked down these stairs.
On the other hand, if I'd not walked down these stairs, I'd not have a scary story to tell!


Here's a photo of the chapel in the crypt where I spent quite a few minutes taking just one more of those elusive photos that got me trapped underground...


The little guy in this image is a cute wee gargoyle who resides inside one of the pillars of the south portal of Chartres cathedral.
There are several of these cuties, screaming to get out.
He looks scared to me!
What a great sense of humour those 11th century sculptors had...


Here's the pillar, showing one of his friends...


"After the first cathedral of any great substance burnt down in 1020, a new Romanesque basilica which included a massive crypt was built under the direction of Bishop Fulbert, then later under the direction of Geoffroy de Lèves." ~ Wikipedia


Comments (2)

Great photos! I love the gargoyles!!

Me, too!
There is a lovely little shop right across from the cathedral. They sell miniature replicas of the gargoyles, not ticky-tacky ones but excellent quality reproductions.
I thought about bringing one home, but they are sososo heavy! So, I left them all living in the shop!


Yikes! Brenda, those are great but very scary photos.

How are earth did you get trapped in the crypt? That would have scared the beejeepers outta me. I'm very, very uncomfortable underground.

Thanks, Sandra!
The crypt?
Well, we were lagging behind the group of about 30 others who were with the guide. I only took the tour to take more photos, as we'd been there on our last trip. The guide took everyone out of the exit, closed and locked the door....and we were still inside, UNDERGROUND.
It was a little...well, a lot...creepy!

The guide was so apologetic when he returned about 2 hours later with the next tour!!! HE couldn't believe he'd left us in the crypt!!!
Funny story, now.
Not so funny, then, I can tell ya!

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