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Cesar Millan's Cesarism #1...


"I love it...a pit bull and a bull terrier working together, proving that we can both live in this world without killing each other." ~ Cesar Millan

Cesar has an exceptional show on National Geographic channel.
He's incredibly gifted when it comes to understanding the nature of dogs, and delightfully, the nature of people. His show runs every day of the week in my area, and I watch it whenever I can.
The weird thing?
I don't have a dog.

That doesn't matter.
I learn so much about my corner of the world and the people in it from the interactions I see between Cesar, the dogs and their humans.

I love Cesar's complete honesty and directness when he's helping the humans understand what they need to do to project a healthier energy for their dogs' well-being. He calls a spade a spade...no mollycoddling, no beating around the bush, just plain old garden-variety common sense.

Cesar also works in a holistic manner with dogs who have been traumatized. I've watched in amazement as he takes a troubled dog for an acupuncture session. Within moments of the acupuncture treatment beginning, this frantic and fearful dog relaxes, closes his eyes and appears to meditate. Simply stunning to watch.

This guy is totally open to all forms of holistic healing. Massage, swimming, relaxation in the water and homeopathic treatments all work as well for dogs as they do for humans. Cesar is completely receptive to using whatever works to bring the dog into a balanced state. Further to that, he's more than willing to educate the humans living with that dog, so they can continue the process of keeping their dog in complete balance after the show is over.

So, back to the title of this piece...what is a Cesarism?
A few words from Cesar that are applicable for people as well as for their pets.

I'm a sucker for a well-worded quote, as anyone in my Slowtrav family knows, so it's only natural for me to be as daft about Cesar's quotes as I am about those from Kahlil Gibran, Robert Frost or any of a thousand Zen quote that touch my soul.

I'll share a few of these very cool quotes with you every so often.
If they make sense to you, take them and use them for yourself.
Oh, yeah, one more thing. Watch The Dog Whisperer, when you can.
It's a stellar show.

Some of you have heard me talk about flow from time to time.
To be honest, more than from time to time, actually.
Often, really.
This quote speaks about the energy of flow in Cesar's life...

“I wished to have a TV show - a series, not a special - to change the way people behave with their dogs.
I saw the need and wanted to fulfill the need.
See what happens?
Are you with me?
The universe is always there for you.”
~ Cesar Millan

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"The universe is always there for you." - I love that!

Thanks for your comments on my Donna Leon post. I put this on my blog too, but wanted to let you know that the next book (#18) will come out in April 2009. I can't wait!

Hey, Anne,
A new Donna Leon! What's it called? I totally love her books...thanks for posting that list. It was perfect for those who might be thinking about starting to read her books.

Yep, I totally love the comment that Cesar made about the universe always being there for you. I believe that completely.
My friends and family are sick to death I'm sure, of my reminding them to trust the universe because the universe is friendly. What you think about you bring about. That's why the thoughts that we have had better be kind and loving, because they come back on us with a whollop! So, I do my best to send out only the good thoughts, to see the situation in a positive light...I want the good stuff coming back in spades!

The title of the 2009 book is "About Face." I can't wait! Brunetti is such a great character - I love him.

And yes, what goes around, comes around in terms of our thoughts (and what you resist persists)

Hi, Anne...
I'm more than ready for a new Leon mystery! I've often thought about the cast of a Brunetti movie...who would you cast in each role?

Jackie Cassada:

It's so wonderful to hear someone truly "get it" in terms of understanding and appreciating what Cesar Millan has given to the world of dogs and to the human community! I am an avid follower of Cesar's show, love his calm assertiveness which I find helpful in everyday life as well as with my animals (cats and a dog) and find so many lessons for living just from listening to him interpret the world! Great blog! I have bookmarked it for future reading! Thanks,

Hi, Jackie!
Welcome to my world of blogging, Jackie! I'm delighted to meet another person who truly understands what Cesar is saying. It's so not about the dog, it's all about the human.
Cesar for President, I say!

Can you imagine what he'd tell the people he'd have to talk with, if he was president? :-)

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