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This week's Photohunt topic is ... Metal!
That makes me think for a few minutes.
Oh, yes, now I know!

The Eiffel Tower is the epitome of metal!




"The monument was inaugurated on March 31, 1889.
On that day, Gustave Eiffel climbed the 1,710 steps of the Tower to plant the French flag at its peak. He was followed by the members of the Council of Paris, including Emile Chautemps, President of the Paris City Council.
The Eiffel Tower was the highest building in the world until 1929, when the Chrysler Building in New York
topped it at 319 metres." ~ Eiffel Tower news


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Ahhh...the Eiffel Tower. Such an interesting piece of architecture. Great photos! Perfect for the metal theme :)

No kidding, it was the first thing I thought of.

Great minds think alike, except I've never seen the REAL one, just the Vegas copy!

Time for you to go to Paris, I think! You'd love it, and the food, ahhhh, the food. Something else, for sure!
The real one is much more spectacular than the Vegas copy, I can tell ya!
I was speechless!!!

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