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People Who Care About You Include You...

Last night was a magical experience for me.
No, I didn't win $1MIL in the lottery.
It wasn't great sex or having a pound of fine chocolate all to myself.
I was invited by some friends to sit in on the discussions about the election in the U.S. that were going on in a couple of chat rooms...one on my travel site, Slowtrav, and the other on Pauline Kenny's Slow Europe travel site.

The U.S. election was well underway, by the time I arrived.
Many people from across the U.S. were in those chat rooms, talking about the election process and sharing their emotions and feelings about the road ahead as it unfolded in front of them.

With a pot of tea and a stack of snacks beside me, I signed on and began to chat with everyone about what was happening, how the votes were rolling in and who was ahead in what state.

Please remember, I don't live in the U.S.
I live in Canada.
So, it was with amazement that I soon realized that I was a part of the process, rather than being an outsider looking on. These lovely people in chat were so welcoming, bringing me into their conversation and sharing their thoughts with me, that it only took a few moments for me to feel like I was at home!

That was an amazing thing, because I actually hesitated to sign on, fearing that I'd be interfering, in the way, of a very personal discussion.
Not so.
We were together, talking about the outcome we hoped for and the emotions we were feeling as the votes came in, pointing to a resounding win for President-elect Barack Obama.

We celebrated the final results, cheering and crying together, via the internet. It took a bit of time before I understood one thing...this election has not only been a good thing for the country to the south of mine, it is going to be wonderful for the world at large.

There is a surge of healthy, positive and loving energy surrounding this man and his family. I'm not saying he's Moses, able to part the waters. What I do know is that he seems to have a good heart and a loving soul and that will make the difference, I believe.

Dear God, bless him and keep him safe.
Lord knows, he'll need all of the help, heavenly and otherwise, that is available to him.

Thank you, my friends in chat, for making me feel at home!
Enjoy this wonderful new course that you and your country are about to begin.
I'll be watching and cheering as you go!

"If the people cannot trust their government to do the job for which it exists - to protect them and to promote their common welfare - all else is lost." ~ Barack Obama


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Barb Cabot:

Brenda, I'm so happy you were in on the chat and sorry that I missed it. You are such a wonderful friend to all of us and it is heartwarming to know that there are many like you out in the world that have been so involved in our election process. Yes, it's true that we need to continue to pour our good wishes and prayers forth for all our leaders, & esp. now for this future President of the U.S.. Thanks for all your warm thoughts.

You are so very welcome!
I am in your corner, no doubt...and sending prayers for President-elect Barack Obama and First Lady-elect Michelle Obama.
It will be all good, I believe. The time has come for a different process in government and a different hand at the wheel, so to speak.
Looking forward to see what transpires!

It was an amazing night for all of us!

I'm delighted for you!
Hopefully, the next few years will give everyone a new and fresh look at the political process...Lord knows, it is needed!


Brenda, wasn't it a fantastic way to watch/participate in the results?!

And what great results!

Hey, Sandra,
Thanks for posting!
It was fantastic for me, also.
I'm so happy to hear from another Canuck like you who also appreciated being a part of watching this new era in our neighbouring country's political landscape come about. What a breath of fresh air!

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