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The driver's side of my granddaughter's dad's truck...

My granddarling was involved in an accident a few days ago. Her father was driving, she was sitting in the passenger side and her boyfriend was sitting in the back seat, behind her father. They were going downhill on Dahl Drive in Whitecourt when a vehicle coming up the hill hit a patch of black ice and slammed into the side of their truck.

My granddaughter's dad had no place to go...the oncoming vehicle was on one side of them and the guardrail on the other, so there was no escape.

The impact blew the topper off the truck, ripped open the driver's side of the passenger compartment as if a giant can opener had torn into it. The truck slid approximately 40 - 50 yards further down the hill after impact. It came to a stop with only the rear driver's side wheel hooked over the guardrail, preventing the truck from sliding further into the ditch.

My granddaughter's boyfriend hurried out of the vehicle, then helped my granddaughter to get out through the window. Then, they went to help her father who was trapped inside of the cab, with the compartment wrapped around his legs and feet.

This is the driver's compartment with the door ripped off...

Pry bars in the back of the truck, a Christmas gift for my second granddaughter, were ripped from the packaging and used to attempt to free her father. They also tried to assist the driver of the other vehicle.
Both drivers were finally rescued by the fire department using the Jaws of Life.

After several hours in the hospital, everyone was released and sent home for many long hot baths, Tylenol3 and assorted anti-inflammatories.

They've all had some good sleeps, they've rested, napped and used heating pads in profusion. Little by little, the aching, soreness and pain is lessening. The bruising has started to turn colour...black to purple to dark greenish purple...bruising from the seat belts tightening upon impact across their chests and abdomens and the airbags exploding into their faces and chests. Seatbelts and airbags saved them from much worse injury and in doing so, caused injuries of their own.
No matter...it's a good thing they were belted in.
Seatbelts are mandatory in our province, thank goodness.

A rear view of the driver's side of the truck...

This is no one's fault.
At least, there's been no indication that this was anything but a no-fault accident.
Icy conditions on the road caused one vehicle to slide into another.
That doesn't make it any less emotionally stressful.
What it did was to make us all a lot more appreciative and a lot more grateful for each other.

Today, we spent the afternoon together, snacked our way through the sweeties and salties that my daughter had prepared for everyone and we opened our gifts from each other.
More than anything, we all felt a surge of blessedness for the safety of everyone involved in this accident.

This is the other vehicle that slid into their truck. Notice the windshield impact shattering from the driver's head...

"The best car safety device is a rear-view mirror with a cop in it." ~ Dudley Moore

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Wow, what a horrific accident. I am so relieved to hear everyone is ok.

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