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Cesar Millan: Cesarisms...Trust and Respect...


Chloe, a tiny terror of a floor-mop dog, bites her human when being groomed.
She bites her human whenever she takes something that the human wants.
She bites her human whenever she likes.
Whenever she likes!
Can you believe it?

Cesar Millan cuts to the chase.
No soft-soaping, just plain unvarnished truth.
He tells her this simple little bit of wisdom,
"There's no trust here.
Without trust, there's no respect
Without trust and respect, there's no relationship.
If you want to change your dog's behaviour, you have to change your own behaviour first!"

I'm not sure the owner actually got it.
I'm not sure if she heard the message behind his truthful words.
What I am sure of is that I heard the message behind the words...and I got it!
I know this truth already.
Seeing it play out in this episode of The Dog Whisperer just validates for me what I already know.

Here's the thing...
I know that how I am emotionally in any relationship will run that show.
I know that how I show up for my kids and grandkids will determine how those relationships will be.
The kind of person that I am in any given situation will determine how that situation turns out.

Cesar Millan may be a dog whisperer, but for my money, he's a people whisperer.
He teaches those humans how to get their act together and because of that, their dogs become happier and healthier, without changing another single thing in the dog's environment except the energy of the owner.

Good job, Cesar!
I think you should run for office.
I'd vote for ya!

"I believe in integrity. Dogs have it. Humans are sometimes lacking it." ~ Cesar Millan

Photo credit - Cesar Millan

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I love that photo -- what a beautiful pack!

And I agree, I think Cesar is as much a people-whisperer as a dog-whisperer.

I love the photo...the mountains in the background are amazing! I think that Cesar has been gifted with the ability and the desire to care for dogs. He has an innate ability to stop people in their tracks and make the changes needed when it comes to knowing how to take care of their dogs.
Thanks for posting!

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