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Cesar Millan: Binky on Two Legs...


I watched my favorite episode of The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan a few days ago.
It was a re-run, but it was so lovely to watch for the second time.

Binky, a darling little dog with only two legs, lives with her loving humans, Jon and Sylvie.
They are so kind and gentle with this little dynamo!
Jon has built 3 little wheeled carriages that the dog can rest her chest on, while pushing with her back feet to help her move around easier.

Binky won't move in the carriages. Not at all.
In fact, she won't even allow them to place her inside of these darling devices!
She simply turns her head to one side and closes her eyes..."No, thank you!"

Binky's kind humans call Cesar Millan to help them with their darling dog.
He arrives, and within minutes of observing Binky and talking with Jon and Sylvie, he has sussed out the situation and knows that it is a matter of getting Binky to relate getting into the carriage with positive association. Encouragement, Sylvie in front of Binky, bananas...anything that will make this little girl move forward.

Soon, Cesar has Jon and Sylvie working as a team, one sitting in front of the carriage, encouraging the little dog to move forward for a treat and so take a few steps in her new wheels, while the other sits behind Binky to assist her.

Within a few minutes, Binky takes her first steps forward, moving the little carriage along the sidewalk a few inches.
Everyone celebrates!
Everyone is deliriously happy, and Binky seems to be the happiest of all!

Cesar's message at the end of this segment is simply beautiful...
" When you see a dog with two legs, don't feel sorry, just clap! That dog is still alive!"

Absolutely perfect!
That's exactly what we should do, rather than feeling sorry or looking with pity, whether looking at dogs or humans...this man has the wisdom of the ages inside his soul.
Something that seems an impossibility before has now become so simple, with the right energy in mind.

Here's part of the session on Youtube...enjoy!

Here's another video posted by Sylvie on Youtube. What a great little dog!

Here are a whole page of Youtube videos of the magical little Binky...

AND, Binky LaRue has her own page on MySpace:

“Mother Nature always wants to be balanced.
So there's no age where they don't want to return back to normal." ~ Cesar Millan


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