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Cesarisms...Live in the Now

Photo credit - Cesar Millan INC

Another insight from Cesar Millan, as he explained to a dog owner why she was struggling with her rescue dogs...
"You feel sorry for them.
They don't want your sympathy, they look for leadership from you and you are not providing it."

The owner was living in the past, still feeling as sorry for the dog, feeling as badly for the dog's trauma and neglect as she did the day she rescued her pet. Rather than walking forward into today with the dog beside her, allowing the dog to progress and move forward as well, the owner was coddling and protecting the troubled animal, keeping him stuck in that damaged and abused past position.

Cesar worked with the dog, showing the owner what her pet was capable of. Her surprise was evident on her face as she watched a previously-difficult animal walking beside Cesar like the healthiest dog in the world!

Finally, the light went on for the owner.
She realized that she was still looking at her dog through the same lens as when she picked him up from the shelter. When she started fresh, picked up the pooch's leash and walked forward with confidence and strength, the dog followed her willingly...and likely a little relieved to finally have someone step up and be the pack leader...someone actually taking charge!

The lesson of this particular episode of The Dog Whisperer is so simple.
If you live in the past, then everything that happens in your life is based on that past memory.
If you live in the now, then everything that you do is based on what's happening in the present.
What happens is current for you, rather than being haunted by the ghosts of the past.

Live in the now, people!
That' where your real life is happening...don't miss a second of it.
Life is not a dress rehearsal.
This is it!

"“Mother Nature always wants to be balanced. So there's no age where they don't want to return back to normal. I have worked with dogs that are 11 years old, 13 years old, which you witness in the show. I worked with a dog that was 13 years old that was extremely territorial to her food. And I was able to accomplish a calm, submissive state, which is allowing for you to create rules, boundaries and limitations. The mind backs away from the food.
So in their world, they are always ready to balance. It's the human who fights it.” ~ Cesar Millan

Photo credit - Cesar Millan INC


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