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Happy New Year...

Happy New Year to everyone!
Happy first of January...happy today, happy tomorrow and happy every day thereafter.

Like a butterfly that some people chase endlessly, day after day.

Delayed happiness.
That which, if only we were to attain, we'd live everafter happily.
Delayed happiness leaves us always chasing the end of the rainbow, looking for the ideal state of mind that will bring that happiness to us.

What if we were to consider for a moment that happiness is here already?
Living inside of us already, waiting for our own recognition.
For some folks, that's hitting too close to the bone.
Accepting this idea means giving up their ever-present state of un-happiness that they carry with them like a badge of courage.

The truth is, happiness is here already, and all we're required to do is to acknowledge it, accept and enjoy it. Is that too much to ask, I ask you?

People who have been through a lot of pain and who have suffered many heartbreaking losses in their lives find happiness easier to acknowledge, because it takes so much less to make them happy. They know what unhappiness feels like, and they need very little happiness to appreciate the lack of pain that the presence of small things can create.

The appearance of a star in the evening sky, the smell of an orange as the peel is removed...simple things that bring joy and happiness because they signify the absence of sorrow. I know some of these easy-to-make-happy people, and the common denominator in all of their lives is the pleasure they can take in recognizing the small things that allow them access to the happiness that exists inside.

I also know a few of those for whom happiness just skids on past, missing them by a hair.
Those people are always in a negative and fearful mode, always seeing what makes them sad and unhappy. The common denominator that I notice among these dear souls is their abject refusal to admit that anything at all could give them constant happiness of any kind. There's always something missing in their lives, no matter how much they actually have. They see the lack rather than the plenty.

"My job sucks."
"His mother doesn't like me."
"When will I 'meet' someone who loves me?"
"How come you make more money than I do?"
"I'll be happy when..._____(fill in the blank)."

There's always something that they place as a barrier between them and the very possibility of their being happy for a moment, for an hour or a day.

The thing I know for sure is this...
Happiness is inside of us already.
All we need to do is be aware of its presence and be willing to believe that we deserve to feel happiness.
Simple as that.

There's a great quiz on Oprah's site to determine your level of happiness. It has been developed by Ed Diener of the University of Illinois
Take this test and see if you are actually a happy person, or if you are a person who needs the addition of some happiness in your life.
Here's the link:

"'If you scored somewhere in the middle, happiness expert Dr. Robert Holden has some advice on how to live a more satisfying life. Dr. Holden says the key to being happy is overcoming destination addiction, which he defines as living in the not-now.
"It's always about tomorrow, so you're chasing more, next and there," he says.
"You promise yourself that when you get there, you'll be happy.
And I promise you, you won't, because you'll always set another destination to go for." '

Be happy now...it's all there really is...

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Beautiful post, Brenda. Isn't it interesting how hard it can be sometimes, to just be happy? But I think you're quite right, the important thing is to decide to be happy now and stop putting it off.

The quiz was very interesting -- thanks!

Sometimes I think people believe that they don't have the right to be happy. It's often not how to be happy but owning the possibility that happiness is actually possible!

The older I get, the more I learn about how I am in control of my own happiness, not the rest of the world. It's such a blessing to know this!

Now, I can keep happiness inside of me, and know that the things that happen on the outside might momentarily divert my attention away from happiness and toward something upsetting...but I totally get it that this upsetting is temporary, not a permanent life state! YAY!!!

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