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Now 3rd Hand Smoke Can Kill You...


Once upon a time, not that long ago, people started smoking because their friends smoked.
No one knew it was dangerous, harmful or health-threatening. They just thought it was cool.
Kids smoked in Jr. High and learned to inhale within the first few packs.

Smoking while eating was not given a second thought, smoking while getting a haircut or seeing the family doctor...who also smoked while treating the patient...was perceived to be just as normal.


No one had a clue it was wrong...people smoked in the car while driving, in the nursery while bottle-feeding the new baby. Women could be seen having a cigarette or two while shopping for groceries, men often smoked while filling their car up with gas at the local Esso station and a few smokes would get anyone through a stressful situation like a flat tire on the car or a heavy rainstorm that washed out a family picnic.

Today, it seems astonishing that we were so completely ignorant of the dangers involved with sucking all that smoke into our lungs. Today, people rarely smoke in their own homes, very seldom smoke in someone else's home and never smoke in a public building. Smokers are required to be a prescribed distance from the entrance of any public place before they light up, and for sure, they cannot smoke inside any public space.

How far we have come.
In a few decades, I can imagine a somewhat startled young person looking back at some vintage antique store magazines from the '50's and '60's..."You mean that people put tobacco in paper, then lit it and...smoked it? What were they thinking?"
This must be what they call evolution.
I'm all for it.
Before you get cranky at me, let me confess, I'm an ex-smoker.
Today, I still cannot believe that I smoked without knowing it was an unhealthy choice.

I thought it might be interesting to take a look back at the old ads for cigarette brands, to see how they were crafted to make smoking seem like a treat, like something that was really good for you. I've posted a few of my favorites...do you remember them?

"Remember, if you smoke after sex you're doing it too fast." ~ Woody Allen



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