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Another acupuncture treatment today.
Simply amazing.

This time, there was less inflammation in my hip muscles, so the good doctor asked if I could tolerate more than a few needles, like the last treatment.

"Sure, " I replied, bravely, courageously, with bravado, however false.

"I'll be placing three needles here at your waist, then four more right here in your hip, and then another ka-zillion of the little suckers running in a straight line from your thigh to your ankle, buried deep into those inflamed and tender muscles!" he replied.

Well, no...that's not what he said, but he COULD have.
He lined 'em up and marched 'em down the entire length of the outside of my leg.
From my hip to my ankle.
One thin little needle after another.
Fourteen in all.
I am a hero.
Capt. Sully Sullenberger has nothing on me.

Again, he hooked up the electricity to each needle, loaded the charge for half-power, because I now have more tolerance for the intense feeling that it creates. He turned on the huge heat lamp and covered me with a heavy, warm flannel blanket.
Again, he placed a little bell in my hands, in case I needed to ring for him, turned out the lights and wished me goodnight.
Again, I slept.

Once my 45 minutes of deep relaxation acupuncture was over, my doctor then removed the needles and gave me a lengthy acupressure session. He found that my ankle was out of alignment, as a result of my fall last April, so he popped it back into place.
It felt better instantly.

Finally, he placed a length of herbal-infused plaster onto my leg, from my ankle to my knee. He explained that the herbs will reduce the inflammation in my muscles and tendons...also a residual from my sprained ankle. I bought a large roll of the herbal plaster and will use it faithfully for the next few weeks.


I'm home, now.
It's almost 9 hours since my treatment and there is a marked improvement in the degree of pain I've been living with...better by about 50%, I'd say.
I'll see how it is tomorrow, but I have to tell you, tonight it is amazing!
What a relief to not be in constant pain.

Needles in muscles and tendons stops pain.
I don't understand how it works, I'm only delighted that it does.

"The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease." ~ Voltaire

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Cute cartoon! Glad it is working for you.


Wow, Brenda, what a terrific result! I'm so happy for you and also glad to know that acupuncture really does work. Can't wait for your report after your next session.

And I think that it's brilliant to take yourself out to a nice lunch after your treatments!


Hope that you continue to improve,Brenda.


I hope you are feeling much better today.

Mindy Smith:

You'll have to show me the herbal plaster!
It won't scare away any orbs I hope!
See you soon and so happy that you'll be feeling better while in Savannah!
A presto!

I would love to find a good acupuncurist so afraid to get any bodywork done.

Wow that is great! I am glad it gave you such good relief!!


Wow, Brenda! That IS amazing!

You are so brave - good for you!

Hi, everyone!
Thank you so much for your kind comments! I'm so tired after the long trip to Savannah, and I'm ready for bed, so I'm being lazy in replying to your comments all at once!
I hope this continues, the acupuncture seems to be helping, so fingers crossed.

I think I kinda wrecked it though...the day I was packing to leave for Savannah, I really overworked my body and I've been paying for it since. OUCH!

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