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American Idol...First Twelve...

Here we go!
A new format, as the top 3 in each group each week get to stay on, with a wild card round for the last 3 contestants.

Here are my 3 to go on:
Danny Gokey, by a country mile. This man is going to win the whole enchilada, IMHO!
Alexis Grace, because she was the best of the female vocalists
Anoop Desai, because he has the talent, even if he didn't show it tonight.

Here's what I thought of tonight:

Jackie Tone ~ not, not, not!
I totally agree with Simon...clownish.
Didn't like her look with the painted-on pants, and I really disliked her over-the-top performance.

Ricky Braddy ~ ok, just ok.
I don't agree with Randy, I thought he was screechy,and his tonal value was not good.
Again, I agree with Simon. He is a shy guy with a nice voice.

*Alexis Grace ~ I think she's good, I'm not fond of the voice, though.
Maybe, it's the style...I'm not a R & B fan nor a jazz fan, so that might be it.
Still, she did good.

Brent Keith ~ Hmmmm, not a strong voice, just ordinary for me.
Millions of better songs to choose than this one...yikes! Poor choice for this one-shot opportunity.
Nice guy, looks great!

Stevie Wright ~ Oh, dear. Not a great beginning to the song.
She'll go home early. Disastrous, actually. Pitchy all over the map.
How did she slip into this group? I agree with Randy...how on earth did she get here?

Anoop Desai ~ Finally.
Here's a guy who can deliver a song...but, wait!
He was off-key!
What happened?

NOTE: Isn't anyone going to sing well tonight?

Casey Carlson ~ Aaaarggggghhhhh.
Too much facial commotion going on, makes me not want to watch her.
Off-key, off-key, off-key.

Can I go to bed, now?
Unbelievably bad night.

Michael Sarver, please sing a great song!
Danny Gokey, please bring on Danny Gokey. PLEASE!

Michael Sarver ~ ummmm, not great.
Sad, because he has a great voice.

Anne Marie Boskovich ~ Yawn...bad song choice. Bad.

Steven Fowler ~ This was just awful, and he really had only one great note.
Too bad, because I think he can really sing.
Tonight was not his night.

Tatiana Nicole Del Toro ~
She's singing Whitney.
Good for Simon!
Finally, he called it as he saw it!
The world's #1 Drama Queen.

*Danny Gokey ~ He reminds me of Robert Downey, Jr.
I rest my case.
He is fantastic.

And, what was with the disjointed programming tonight?
Video clips that wouldn't run on cue for the contestants, people talking over top of Ryan's commentary...it really felt like a dress rehearsal to me, very poorly edited.
Chats with all those parents felt just plain uncomfortable to me.
They were clearly out of their element.
This felt like amateur night at the local pub with the karaoke machine.

"Well, that was awful. Simply awful!" ~ Simon Cowell

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My daughter and I watched the show as well... but I can never tell who sings great... I think, nah, I know I am tone-deaf.

You and Kathy (Trekcapri) and I all agree on which three should move on.

I'm not sure about this new format. They are keeping us on our toes!

I agree that the parents there was awkward. And I felt so bad for Steven Fowler who didn't have anyone there. :(

Kathy (Trekcarpi):

Hi Brenda, I completely agree with your top three choices. Annie has the same top three too. I loved Danny's performance of Hero. And I disagree with Simon that it was "just" good.

Can't wait for the next group! Thanks for your recap Brenda!


My money is on Danny, and David's is on Alexis (only because I took a nap during that part). I think Tatiana, who just drives me crazy but pulled herself together last night, could be a wild card pick if only for the drama. AND I heard this morning on the radio that Michael Johns and Carly Smithson are doing a duet tonight - now that will be a truly lovely few minutes.

I bet you can tell a good singer from a bad one, tone-deaf or not!
Some of the poor kids are so far out of their element, but I give them kudos for stepping up to the mike...I'm not brave enough.

I so wanted Steven to do well, but it wasn't to be. Do you think he might be saved by the wild card round?

I think Simon was just creating balance!
The other judges were so over-the-top, because everyone else was so terrible!!! It was likely a relief t have someone to cheer for, and Danny was the one!

I love Danny...his personality, his life story, his voice and his buzz. Check out his website, there is a tribute page for a foundation dedicated to his wife, who just passed a month before Idol began auditions.

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