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American Idol...Season 8...

THIS is American Idol!

Here's this year's top 36:
Anoop Desai ~ Excellent! Excellent! EXCELLENT!
Von Smith ~ Not my favorite, but if he sings what HE wants and not what his parents tell him to sing...
Alex Wagner-Trugman ~ He still has a long way to go, needs to mature...maybe he can pull it off?
Adam Lambert ~ Fantastic! This guy could win it all. And, he looks like an American Idol!
Taylor Vaifanua ~ Great voice, looks like an Idol! She's darling.
Jasmine Murray ~ Luscious voice! When hair and make-up gets finished with her, she'll really shine!
Ariana Afsar ~ Not a standout for me...cannot remember her singing anything!
Casey Carlson ~ Ditto...not memorable at all.
Meghan Corky ~ Again, not a standout performer for me.
Mishavonna Henson ~ Hmmm, maybe if she gets it together...
Stevie Wright ~ Not a voice that I remember...feel like I'm saying this a LOT about this group!
Joanna Pacitti ~ Great voice, now learn the words! LEARN the WORDS!
Kendall Beard ~ Lovely voice, like silk...
Kristen McNamara ~ I love her! Love the voice, love her personality. Gotta get an appropriate wardrobe, though. I agree with the judges...who is she?
Alexis Grace ~ Smoky luscious voice! Ditch the pink hair, get a more jazzy look.
Scott MacIntyre ~ Ain't he amazing, Gracie? I am so delighted that he's in!
Lil Rounds ~ Stunning voice, absolutely darling personality! AND, I'm so happy for her! She needs this.
Jessie Langseth ~ Argggghhhhh, that voice, all breathy and too much. Not for me, baby!
Alison Iraheta ~ Awesome! SHE could win! Reminds me of Janice Joplin...big ol' raw raspy voice.
Danny Gokey ~ Of COURSE! Standing O for this dude...BIG standing O! My favorite to win it all!
Ricky Braddy ~ Don't remember him, even a little bit.
Matt Gira ~ Nor him...
Jorge Nunez-Mendez ~ ...not him, either.
Brett Keith ~ Another one I cannot remember at all.
Ju'Not Joyner ~ That's my boy! Fantastic voice, great personality, looks like a star!
Steven Fowler ~ This is a miracle, after his disastrous week. Still, a great voice.
Jackie Tohn ~ Love the voice. Loooove it!
Tatiana Nicole Del Toro ~ Voice is stunning. She irritates the hell out of me! Shut up and sing.
Nathaniel Marshall ~ Needs a wardrobe advisor and needs to shed the face metal, NOW! Great voice!
This kid deserves a break...life's been less than Pollyanna-time for him, so this is a glorious thing.
Jeanine Vailes ~ Not a stand-out for me.
Kai Kalama ~ Great voice, looks like a blues singer!
Anne Marie Boskovich ~ Not memorable.
Kris Allen ~ Same, same.
Michael Sarver ~ That's my boy, Michael! I just like this guy, a lot.
Matt Breitzke ~ Ditto, Matt! Something about him that spells strength and confidence
Nick Mitchell ~ If he'll leave his irritating comic schtick in the dressing room, he might be ok!

The best moment of the night?
The look of horror on Nathaniel's face when Tatiana screamed her way into the waiting room!
I near died laughing.
He's wicked, that boy. Pure wicked! ;-)

If you have time, check out Danny Gokey's MySpace site, listen to his vocals and take a look at the foundation he's set up in memory of his wife, who just passed a short time ago.

"It's like Randy went deaf this year. I don't know what happened." ~ Simon Cowell

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Brenda, as usual great recap of the top 36. I am surprised that Tatiana made it and when Simon asked her not to be so annoying and she stopped, was so funny! She does have a good voice but she is definitely the Queen of all Queens in the Drama Department. I'm curious how she'll do with the voting public.

Thanks for the link to Danny's website. I'll have to go check it out!

I can't wait for next week!Have a great weekend Brenda!


Well, Brenda, it looks I know where to go for the real comments as this season heats up. Great work, I can barely match names and faces to half of them. A radio talking head this morning said he never tunes in until later in the season because he refuses to become emotionally invested too early on - I know what he means.

I was watching last night, listening to Tatiana's mawling and thought how irritating she would be as one's child...crying gets her everything?
Poor child.
Someone must take her in hand and fast-feed her a serious dose of maturity. She has to get it that this behaviour is so not attractive! SO not!

That's the same problem I had while watching last night. I simply couldn't remember some of the contestants! That's what Simon means when he tells them to be memorable, to stand out.

It figures that they kept Tatiana the drama queen around so that we would have someone we "love to hate." But like Kathy, I'll be curious to see how long she survives now that it's our turn to vote!

I betcha not long!

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