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Cardiologist Time...Tests and All...

A fat package of documents arrived in the mail for me today.
It's a schedule of tests that I need to have done for a heart problem that's been getting a little worse as I get a little older. I've had these same tests a few times over the past while, but they have been done sporadically...different specialists have been in charge of my file and it's become a bit chaotic, with a test here and a test there and no continuity.

So, my darling doctor has referred me to his favorite cardiology consultant clinic. The package that arrived today gives me the complete 2 days' schedule of bloodwork, MIBI test, stress test, rest test, Echocardiogram...the works!

My girlfriend asked me if I'm scared.
I thought about it for a few minutes and said, " Nope, I'm not."
She wanted to know why.
I replied, "It is what it is. There's nothing I can do about it, except do what the specialist has requested."
That's true, and there is no fear or apprehension, at least not yet.

I do feel blessed beyond the beyond. I have the ability to recognize that something is not right, to seek out medical advice and I have a full range of specialists and lab techs to take care of me. What's to worry about, then?

So, although I have been diagnosed as having WPW Syndrome...Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome...it appears that there may be some other weird things going on with my heart.

I've made arrangements to stay with a very good friend in Edmonton, while I'm having all of the work done. She's a perfect person to be there for me...she's kind, compassionate and is a director for the Alberta Cancer Board! That means that she has all of the knowledge about all of the specialists that I will be seeing! How totally cool is that? Feels like there is a lot of flow going on here, with everything falling into place so nicely with the test schedule coinciding with her being available to take care of little old me!

That's the skinny, the long and short of it.
I'll post more as I know more. Maybe some of what I am dealing with will resonate with someone reading my blog and it may help that person to recognize a problem that they may be dealing with.

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye."
~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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Hope all the tests go well for you. Great attitude you have there, keep it up!
And aren't you lucky to have some passionate and knowlodegable care for you?

Thank you so much for your support! I AM lucky, and that's what comes through loud and clear for me.
It's always possible to take the other road where we can feel sorry and worry...and that may come, yet.
But, currently, what I feel is blessed...to have the availability of medical support and help, to have very loving friends and family here for me. Now, if I can keep on this positive path, it will be very helpful.:-)

Brenda-good luck with the specialists and all of the tests. I'm sure it will be very helpful having all of your care within one facility. And enjoy your time with your friend-she does sound like the perfect person to be with a this time.


I'll be thinking about you sweet Brenda...good thoughts your way.



Brenda, thanks for sharing this with us....as Candi says, you have a wonderful attitude, which is so important!

This sounds as it if has the potential to become quite serious, so it's very wise of you to stay on top of the situation. I also have a heart condition -- minor, gives me no real problems. But it has been comforting to know how much knowledge medicine has in terms of the heart and heart ailments.

That said, the tests are no fun. I hope it goes well and that you can enjoy your visit with your friend. When will you be in Edmonton?

Brenda, I am so sorry to read that your heart problem is getting worse. I hope all goes well. I am glad you have a good friend to be there for you. I will be thinking positive thoughts.

Good luck with your tests Brenda, and good on you for being proactive and making sure you get the necessary tests done!

Awww, Jen,
Thanks so much! That helps, knowing your good thoughts are winging my way.

Hi, Sandra,
Thank you for your thoughts!
I'll be in the city right after I arrive home from Savannah, so I think I'll plan to stay over that weekend and go for the tests on Monday and Tuesday...THEN I can come home, finally.

I appreciate your good thoughts, it helps a lot! It is a little concerning that tit seems to be getting more pronounced, so hopefully the cardiologist team will be able to answer all of our questions.

Thank you! I am all for getting it checked out and fixed or handled, or whatever the next step is. Proactive is a great word!

Nancy L:

Brenda, know that I'm sending you good thoughts and best wishes.


I'll pack these good thoughts with me when I go for those dratted tests!
Thank you dear heart!

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