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Eight Plus Six Equals...A LOT of Kids...

By now, everyone's heard about this news story, I'm sure...
A single mom in California gave birth to octuplets a week ago.
She also has six other children at home.
That makes fourteen children to feed, clothe and educate.
To love, hug and bathe at night.

I'm waffling, sitting on the fence with this one.
I don't make judgments about the choices that people make.
Sometimes, their decisions make me smack my head on a wall, but I know I'm not in their shoes, so it's not in my sphere of relevance to take a position on one side or the other.

Still, this one gives me pause, if only for the welfare of the children.
I've been a single mom and those two beautiful children of mine were quite enough, thanks!
At the end of the day, there were many times when I really had to stretch my reserve of lovin' energy to be kind and nurturing with my two darlings. I cannot imagine having the where-with-all to have enough left over at the end of a work day to give in equal shares to all fourteen of the little hummers.

I wish her well, send prayers to her and her children.
I hope they strike it rich, get a book deal or an exclusive interview that pays really well.
I hope with all my heart that she and her children are loved and supported in every way possible.
...and I want you to know that I'm quite happy and content with my little brood of two, thanks all the same!

“A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for.” ~ Unknown

A few of my much-loved motley crew, courtesy of one of my two darlings, very early last Christmas morning...Merry Christmas, Mugga!

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Barb Cabot:

Brenda, I always love looking at your cute "brood". I know they consider themselves more than lucky to have you in their lives. You have done such a brilliant job of raising your kids and participating in all of the grandbabies lives. You rock Brenda!

Hi Brenda, great gang you have.

Thanks so much!
I love them to bits. They are my life...they really are everything to me.
This early morning photo shows them at their scruffiest! BUT, that's why I love it so much. :-)

Hi, Angie!
Thanks for the kind words...I think they are pretty cool people. Not kids anymore, 'cause the youngest is 12 going on 13, so he would be less than impressed being called a child!
Just you wait, your little dollie will be a teen before you know it!

Brenda - the more I hear about that woman in CA the more sad I feel for her children. It will be impossible for those kids to feel that love that you were able to share with your kids. The poor woman will be stretched so thinly!

I, too, was very curious about this story - I shouldn't judge but it is not normal to do fertility treatments when you already have six kids - especially not as a single mom who is barely scraping by! (So I guess I am judging... But I also judge the doctor; he/she did not behave ethically in this situation, I believe.)

I am a little late catching up and commenting here, sorry about that!

Words of wisdom, my friend...you are so right. I have a girlfriend who is in the middle of 14 kids and she said they rarely had one-on-one mom or dad time. More often than not, it was an older sibling doing the parenting.
My opinion is this...the kids didn't have the other kids, so why are they expected to parent them? AND, who is parenting the kids who are parenting the other kids? Someone's always getting shortchanged, I think.

I also wonder about the doctor who performed the fertility treatment. Seems to me it wasn't a wise decision, but them who am I to say? I was more than happy that I only had 2 children!
I wanted to make sure to give them lots of love, lots of guidance, lots of caring and lots of learning experiences...and with 2 kids, I was stretched to the limit on many occasions.
I cannot imagine caring for 14. FOURTEEN? Aiiiyaiiii.

From what you have told us, sounds like your kids were loved 150% of the time and that they have turned out wonderfully!!

I was waiting to hear from the mother to comment. Now that I have heard her speak on the Today Show, I feel more comfortable saying she is NUTS! I feel very bad for her kids. How in the world does she think she can support them, even after she gets her degree? I know plenty of people with master's degrees struggling with being able to financially support two kids, never mind 14! Has she thought about where they will all live - 14 kids eventually all get bigger than tiny babies!

I also wanted to hear from the mom, hoping to hear something that made sense, something that justified what she is doing.
But, did I? Nope, nada, nothing, zip-a-dee-doo-dah!
Just weird to me...why have those children when there's no visible means of support for them, neither financial or emotional.
A friend of mine, an RCMP member, sees the dark side of children in chaos and crisis. He has a saying, "You breed 'em, you feed 'em!"
Harsh, maybe, but from his perspective, perfectly justifiable.

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