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Forest Fires...and Comfort Food...

Today was an exhausting day.
I spent the entire day putting out forest fires at work.
Forest fires set by other people's inability to do things right.
From the first person who came through the door this morning to the last person who walked out of the office tonight, it was a roller-coaster running on OPE. Other people's emotions!

It's weird how I can begin my day in a great mood and then lose it totally, after dealing with a string of cranky and unhappy people. It feels like each one sucks a quart of energy out of my soul, and by the end of the day, I have nothing left to give to anyone, not even to myself.

All I want at the end of this kind of day is to drive home, park my car, close and lock the door behind me and shut out the entire world. Then, after shedding my work clothes and wrapping myself in the softness of fleece 'n flannel, I want comfort food by the bucket.
So, today, that's just what I did!

After changing into my after-school clothes, I made a delicious and comforting dinner...a huge, steaming-hot bowl of fresh vegetable soup that I made yesterday, topped it with a handful of shredded mozzie cheese and made a tall stack of well-buttered flax bread toast. Lemongrass green tea in my favorite mug and a pot of liquid honey for the leftover toast finished my meal off quite nicely. There's something about soup and toast that wraps me up and hugs me, every single time. No idea where that comes from, but it always works.

A few hours later, now...I am restored, refilled and re-energized.
I've filled my tummy with healthy comfort food and watched my favorite TV show, Keifer Sutherland's 24.
I've talked with a couple of friends and wrapped my daughter's birthday gifts for her special day on Friday.
Now, I feel better.

It's amazing how easily we can be drained by negative and toxic people.
It's equally amazing to me how little it takes to top up the tank, again.
Thanks to my good friends, my loving family, my fridge full of yummy food and my very soft fleece 'jammies, I think I'll survive.

I wish there was a sure-fire way to stop those energy vampires from sucking out every last drop of vitality.
Can't I just pull a Jack Bauer and slam 'em up against a wall somewhere? Really hard, too. That'd fix 'em!

No, I guess not.
That's why he's a TV hero and I'm just a person living my life without the big screen hoopla that surrounds Mr. Bauer. That's why he's a superstar and I'm a regular Joe. He gets to smack them around, and I get to sit here trying to figure out how to stop them from doing this another day.

"Toxic people are those people around you that literally suck the life out of you when you're with them. You leave them feeling utterly drained of any positive energy, and find yourself thinking about all that is wrong with your life instead of what's right. They never have a kind word to say about anyone, and inflate any little issue into a catastrophe that affects only them." - Laurie

Looking forward to celebrating my darling daughter's birthday this coming Friday helps...


Dreaming of castles in Ireland helps...


Thinking about azaleas in Savannah helps...


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I just finished watching 24 here. Great show tonight. I was sad though about the car blowing up (won't give more away in case someone hasn't seen it yet that cares and reads your comments). I also love soup and sandwiched. Grilled cheese are my favorite comfort food. Glad you were able to get out of your bad day funk.

Beautiful photos, Brenda.
I just know what you mean. Negativity is contagious, I try not to get sucked in it, especially at work, my job is stressful enough without that. LOL. Maybe we should hang out together, because positivity is contagious too.

Barb Cabot:

I'm glad you know what you need to revitalize yourself. You are such a great great soul Brenda. Fill it up with whatever it takes to keep you on that lovely path you share with us. Your photos of Savannah blooms always do it for me.

You love 24, also?
I am breathless when the show is done...what a nailbiter!

You'd have laughed today, if you'd been in my office...the first phone call came in, my Crystal answered it and did the good office manager thing, saying, "Yes, she is, would you please wait a moment while I transfer your call?"

I asked her, before I picked up the phone, "Is it a kind person, this time?"

Thanks so much! You always make me feel better when I'm stressed...soothing words, thank you!


I'm glad you are feeling better, Brenda!

Good to hear that things worked out! I have to laugh at your "toast medicine" - I remember seeing other posts on ST about how you get "healed" with toast! Very nice.

Thanks for your caring words!

Very observant!
Soup and toast
Honey and toast
Cinnamon toast
Tomato juice and toast...
All comfort foods for me!

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