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More Needles and Pins...

Better and better!
An update to let you know that my acupuncture treatment yesterday has helped.
Thank goodness.

If I told you 25% better, would you believe me?
I listed an acreage today, and the elderly gentleman who owns it saw me getting gingerly out of my vehicle when I arrived. I explained a little of what I've been dealing with and told him about my acupuncture yesterday.

"What? You're kidding! I cannot understand how sticking needles into someone makes LESS pain!"

He has a point.
But, still, it does work for me.
I also have another appointment next Tuesday for more of the same, and hopefully it will knock off another 25% of the worst of the worst.

It's late, the day has been over-long and I'm ready for a warm bed and a good book.
I'll keep you up-to-date about this stickin' of needles into my body.

"The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease." ~ Voltaire

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I believe you. Good acupuncture works. Glad you are healing.

I understand what he is saying - I think that myself. However, as they say, if it works for you - enjoy! LOL

Stay warm.

Glad you are feeling better, Brenda.

I've had acupuncture before and it was the only thing that gave me relief from tennis elbow. This doctor was much more in-depth with his knowledge of treatment, and I was surprisingly impressed with the treatment!
Fingers crossed for me, please!

I actually was the same until I had my first treatment a few years ago, and it was unbelievably comfortable!
I'm the biggest fainter with needles, so it took a lot for me to go for acupuncture in the first place. But, the results were amazing, so now I go without any reluctance.
I still don't like needles at all, but the acupuncture needles are fine and tiny, like a hair, and there's virtually no feeling of them being inserted.

I better be better soon! I don't want to be sitting around in Savannah for our GTG!!! Thanks for the kind words!


Brenda, I hope you continue to feel better each day, especially after your next treatment.

I too am really a chicken when it comes to needles, but I think I would try it if I needed to because of all the successes I have heard about.

Thank you, Nancy!
My doctor was so interested in the treatment and asked for the name and contact information for my acupuncture doctor! That was pretty cool, as there are some in the medical field who frown on this modality. My guy said he absolutely believes in using more than one mode of medicine when treating our bodies.


Here is another chicken re. needles... I have heard a lot of successes about accupunture though. I am glad to hear that it is working for you. Continued success on the upcoming treatment... All the best, Brenda.

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