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Needles and Pins...

You might remember this, last April, after a dastardly fall on snow-covered-ice in front of my home...

I finally caved in and made an appointment with my acupuncturist.
I've been struggling with the leftover effects of my sprained ankle from last April. I've found it gradually more difficult to walk, with hip pain and 'banding' pain in my calf and ankle. It feels like a tensor bandage wrapped really tightly around my ankle and calf, and the banding is pure pain when I walk.

I don't do well when I'm not able to get around, so this has tested my patience to the nth degree.
Cranky? You know it!
Crabby? No doubt.

Dr. Su is fantastic.
Well, there are actually 2 Dr. Su's, because my Dr. Su is married to the other Dr. Su.
I was blessed to spend a couple of hours with my Dr. Su today, and the pain in my hip has depleted quite noticeably, thank you very much!

He inserted four acupuncture needles in my right hip, right into the inflamed area.
The pain was only present while he was inserting the needles and after he stopped manipulating them, there was no pain, just warmth.

Then, he wired me for sound. He attached a clip to each needle, and the clips were wired to a small machine that allowed him to program a tiny electrical charge to each needle that caused a feeling of pulsing. Just like someone was tapping on the side of the needles...no pain at all. After adjusting the heat lamp over the area where the needles were inserted, he turned out the lights, closed the door and I slept for 45 minutes, while the needles pulsated and grew increasingly warm from the heat lamp. Very cool feeling...warmth and no pain, for a change!

After removing the needles, he then spent another 20 minutes giving me some acupressure treatments because that was less painful than more needles would be. Finally, after nearly two hours of treatment, I was ready to leave.

It is amazing to me that needles spun carefully into my skin can ease pain in my hip. I have no idea why it works. All I know is that it does. I am nearly painfree and walking like a normal person, tonight! Nothing better than this...constant pain is such a bitch. Rather, constant pain makes ME a bitch. Back to my normal cheery self, I am full of appreciation for Dr. Su and his magic needles.

I have another appointment for next Tuesday, and this time it will be a lot less painful to have the acupuncture than it was this time, as the inflammation should be markedly less by then.

Why am I sharing this with you?
Simple...what I know for sure is this...
When we have our health, we have everything.
When we don't have our health, we have nothing.

I'm so grateful for the ability of practitioners like Dr. Su and other professionals who are there for us when we need them. We live in a beautiful country, don't we?

"When the minds of the people are closed and wisdom is locked out they remain tied to disease."
~ Ch'i Po

Back on my feet, again...ready to travel!

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Bill(hubby) had acupuncture on his back couple times and loved it. Glad to see you getting help and feeling better.

Glad you are feeling better and the acupuncture worked.

I have had the electrical needle thing done before. It is a wild feeling. Unfortunately for me, my wonderful acupuncturist no longer practices and I have not been able to find someone that did wonders for me like she has.

Barb Cabot:

This picture scared me. I thought this just happened. I'm glad you are okay. Yikes that must have been a bad fall.

Excellent news. You must be mobile very soon.

Sorry to hear you were in pain but happy to hear you are feeling better!!


Barb and I do think alike, my first thought when I saw the picture was "uh-oh". I know several people who have had success with acupuncture for pain relief, hope it's all gone before your Savannah trip.


Your post doesn't sound like you are better. The way I read it you have made the appointment with the acupuncturist, but haven't yet had it done?

Hope the acupuncture works - and fast!!!


Glad that you are feeling better, Brenda>

Thanks for the reassurance!
I like the results from acupuncture, even though I am not fond of the needle part of it! There's something to the process that makes sense to me, and when a treatment can make such a difference, it convinces me!

I'm so sorry you've lost your acupuncturist! There's nothing like a practitioner that you trust! I'm just starting to see this doctor, after losing my previous doctor, so it is still a work in progress, but for sure, I like what he's done so far!

Dear heart, relax! This is an old photo...last April! BUT, the pain and twisted ligaments and muscles are current...the residual of that fall.

Trust me, nothing I want more than to be up and around, but at this stage, I'm thinkin' I need to rent me a scooter or something like that! Grrrrr.....

Thanks for your good thoughts...I'm working on getting more mobile!

Sorry to be frightening both you and Barb...this is the old photo from a year ago!

I'm happy to hear you know of people who have been helped by acupuncture, too.

I really like it...well, like is a very strong word, 'cause I don't LIKE needles. But, truly, these ones are hardly noticeable at all. They are so ultra-thin!

I have just had the treatment and am going again on Tuesday! The doctor is 2 hours away, so it's a long drive there and back.
I coddle myself by stopping for a yummy lunch after the appointment is over. My reward for being a good girl and not screeching too much when the needles go in!!!

Thank you so much! I do feel better, the pain is still there in leaps and bounds, but about 25% less than before. YAY!!!

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