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Oscar, Oscar...

Photo credits - BGE

Hugh Jackman hosts this year.
Wishing him well, and I still miss Billy Crystal.

My favorite to win, please, God...Mickey Rourke.
There's nothing like hearing about a guy who had it all, then dumped it because he didn't think he deserved it and he had no idea how to play the game in order to keep it.
He's said that, given a second chance at being in this world, and knowing what he knows now, he would rather not be born at all.

That's a wrenching heartbreaker for me to comprehend...the world is brighter because of his presence and I think he's totally not aware of his own value. His beloved chihuahua just passed last month, after being his support and his main man for18 years...now he's living on his emotions, and his work will be better than ever. I hope he finds happiness and peace, because he's earned it in spades.

My next favorite to win is Meryl Streep, because no one can reinvent herself better.

Meryl Streep and her baby daughter...

Finally, if Bobby Downey could win this year, my wishes would all come true.
Robert Downey, Jr. has more talent in his baby finger than most actors have in their whole body of work.
He's been up on the top of the world and down in the bottomless pit of hell, and his work is now inventive and fantastic. Like Mickey, I hope he also finds only sunshine for the rest of his life.

Bobby Downey and his beautiful wife, Susan Levin Downey

"All I am hoping for is to be able to work-I think my best work is still ahead of me-I think all that I have been through in the last several years have only made me a better, more interesting actor. " ~ Mickey Rourke

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Ooh, Hugh Jackman, such a cute man.


Then there was the idiot commentator who asked Robert Downey Jr who his "date" was - total lack of homework skills, but your Bobby gave it back in spades, I thought.


Sorry your wishes did not come true this time.

The show was the best I have seen in a long time. Hugh Jackman did a great job!

No doubt!
He's definitely worth a long look! You have great taste!

I agree! I was stunned by that stupid question! If the interviewer had any knowledge at all, he's have know that the guy is married to this beautiful woman.

It truly was a well-orchestrated event and returned to the glorious shows of old.

I watched Hugh Jackman's interview with Barbara Walters and he said he believes that they need to put the focus on the "show" in show business! I think they did it, in spades.

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