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This week's Photohunter topic is Furry!


Fun topic that precipitated a great wander through my photos...
A cat in a doorway in Venice.
What a life!


My friend Karen's cat on the terrace, just outside of Santarcangelo...


"If God had wanted us to be concerned for the plight of the toads, he would have made them cute and furry." ~ Dave Barry


Comments (11)

Oh, I'm in love with your furry kittens kittens! So cute!

Awwww, thanks, Maria!
I love them a lot. darling kitties!

Cute kitties! They are both so furry :)

awwww, I still miss her. A LOT

I love these photos! That quote is very funny - never heard that one!


Beautiful Italian cats, Brenda! (I always expect to hear something profound come out of their mouths -- at least something more musical than meow!)

Can you tell I'm a cat person? I don't think there's one single photo of a dog in any of my travel photos, but for sure, tons of kitties!

I thought you would like to see this! She was such a cool cat, with personality to burn. She huffed away and hid behind the pot when I was taking this photo...hmmmmmph!

Thanks, Annie!
Dave Barry's one of my favorite quote sources, but his funniest aren't quite smooth enough to post online. ;-) Just like George Carlin...gotta clean him up a littl to post his words of wisdom!

Perhaps you need to take them along to an Italian class? I know what you mean. though. They are somehow a little more elegant, somehow.
The universal language of cats..."Meee-OW!"

no no, ladies...They say 'miao'! and there is no dragging out the 'oooo'! got it? ;)

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