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This week's Photohunt is...Warm.


Thinking about what makes me warm, the first thing that comes to my mind is my very first glass of Grrrrrappa in Venice! Here I am, sipping my way through the first glass of many...


A pot of green tea in Paris at Bread and Roses Bakery and Deli...


A candle flame moving in the wind, at my favorite sidewalk cafe in Venice...


"May you have warmth in your igloo, oil in your lamp and peace in your heart." ~ Eskimo Proverb


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Great "Warm" photos. I was looking for the boogie-boarding one too. :)

Beautiful photos! I will pass on the grappa but would love some of that tea :)

Barb Cabot:

Just the idea of the sound of "warm" makes me feel cozy. I am basically a tea drinker so your cup of tea and a candle make me very satisfied. Thank you sweetie Brenda.

Beautiful shots, Brenda.

Crap! I forgot to post it...off I go to look for it, just for you!!!

Guess what kind of green tea I liked the best in Paris?
Twinnings, packaged in London, for Pete's sake!
I can buy it in my local supermarket, and it is so delish!

I was a little embarrassed when I asked about this 'great green tea you are serving."
Turned out to be ENGLISH green tea in Paris!

Thanks so much, sweet Barb!
I love candles and tea and a huge fleecy blanket, my flannel and fleece 'jammies...oh, my! I think I need to do that right now...

Thanks so much!
I so appreciate your stopping by and leaving your welcome comments!

Wonderful images of warm! Grappa warms the cockles, that's for sure!

It most certainly does!

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