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What the....?

Many news stories yesterday made me question the workings of the human mind.
What makes someone make a decision that irrevocably changes their life and the lives of so many others?
I understand small errors of judgment, side-stepping off the path and getting lost in the tall grass for a few minutes. That happens to everyone, every so often.

What I don't understand are those enormous detours from life that some people choose to take.
Here's an example...
A beautiful 12 year old girl goes missing a few months ago from her home in New Brunswick.
We, the compassionate viewing public, collectively gasp. Our hearts go out to the frantic, brokenhearted mother as she pleads on national TV for her only child's safe return.
Teddy bears, flowers and tearfully-written notes are being left at a makeshift memorial.
Candles are lit, prayers for the family are sent heavenward.
We wait for better news, hopefully...

Last night, CBC News reports that the mother has been arrested, charged with first degree murder, and now sentenced to life in prison for the murder of her child. The mother's live-in boyfriend told her to choose between him and her daughter.
She made an incredibly wrong choice...boyfriend in, daughter out.

Instead of allowing this beautiful little girl to return to her father's home, the mother drove her only child to a lonely deserted back road, forced her out of the car, knocked her down on the roadway and strangled her. The mother's confession in a police sting operation revealed the daughters last words..."Mommy, don't..."

The child's father is in shock.
His daughter had been living with him and wanted to go back to her mom's home to try living there again. His feelings of guilt and responsibility for saying yes to her request are almost palpable.
No one wins in this sad situation.

This is inconceivable to me.
Being told to choose between my children and anyone else on this planet would be a no-brainer.
Kids would win, hands down every single time, no question.
More's to the point, the one who asked for me to choose would be out on the doorstep, faster than a speeding bullet.

So, I sit here in disbelief, with no point of reference to understand this tragic situation.
I wonder what kind of mind it takes to make this twisted and cruel choice.
I also wonder what kind of mind it takes to force this choice upon another human being.
That beautiful 12 year old girl had no chance and she had no choice in that unfathomable situation.
What a tragedy.

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Human minds work in very mysterious way sometimes. What a tragedy.

It is incomprehensible to me, because I have such a protective nature for my family. Weird, just weird...


How very sad! These stories happen WAY too often!


There is no excuse for some people. that is one sorry excuse for a human being.

I agree.
What the hell was she thinking? Obviously, she was not. That is just so polar opposite from my way of being that I cannot wrap my mind around it...what a heartbreaking story.

That's what I think! And, yet...there must have been a point at which the mom turned away from mothering and turned toward her dark side.
What makes one take that step? I have no idea...

Nancy L:

When does insanity cross the line to pure evil? I just don't comprehend and my heart aches for each of these little ones.


I agree..I cannot get my mind around this story at all. What makes a person step to the right instead of to the left in one moment, making a decision that is so horrific?

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