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What Was He Thinking....

What was he thinking?
That's the question being asked on Fox News after Michael Phelps' apology for being caught out smokin' weed.

Here's what I think about that question...
Who cares?
I mean, who really cares?

It was a private party and some smart-ass with a camera took a candid photo and gave/sold it to the press. Phelps is entitled to his privacy, in my opinion. He is a 23 year old guy, who has trained his butt off for every hour of every day over the last ka-zillion years.

Then, he won enough Olympic gold to make everyone in the Universe happy, and now he's on some down time. It's not something that I would choose to do at a party, but if he chooses to, then that's his business, as an adult making his own decisions. He'll have to live with the fallout. Leave the guy alone, I say!

What was he thinking?
Maybe, just maybe he was thinking, " Whew! Now I can kick back, hang with my buddies and relax, finally!"
He's entitled.
In spades.

“Sometimes I'm asked by kids why I condemn marijuana when I haven't tried it.
The greatest obstetricians in the world have never been pregnant.” ~ Art Linkletter

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I agree, Brenda -- back off him!

I don't really understand your quote -- women are and have been for quite some time (even Art Linkletter's time) obstetricians, no?

on another note -- tick tock, tick tock!

I agree. He's only 23 years old, give him a break!


I agree -- as "scandals" go, this one is pretty feeble.

I say legalize it! There are much worse things and in my opinion alcohol is a much more dangerous drug.

Me, too! For goodness' sake, news must be hard to find these days if this is the headliner!

Annie, Sandra and Girasole...all words of wisdom, and I agree totally!
Thanks for the validation!

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