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American Idol...Soon To Be Eight...

What a night!
Here's my Honeynut Cheerios recap:

Anoop...a cool look!
He's funked it up a little.
Good song, good voice.
That's about it.

Megan Joy...so not enjoyable for me.
This girl has a strong vocal skill, but she picks the weirdest songs.
Bob Marley? Bob MARLEY??

Danny-boy...a tender, gentle ballad, sung from his heart.
I like this guy and I like listening to him sing.
I'd buy his CD's, no problem!

Allison...too much, already!
Too much hair, too red hair, too much weird clothing...where is Allison in all of this?
I couldn't hear her for the loudness of her costume.
Someone needs to get her a personal stylist, and fast.
Raw, Janis Joplin sound, but it gets lost under the weight of her "image."

This week, much better.
Good for him, takes courage to do this and how cool that he's made it this far.
I wish him nothing but more of the same...success, good hearted people and great tunes to sing.

Matt...awww, sorry, not this time.
Remember your great voice and sound from a few weeks ago?
Go back there, quick, before you get voted off!
You are too good a vocalist to leave now...

Lil...Yikes! She looks so old, dated...get another stylist for her, asap.
This girl can s-i-n-g!

Adam...one word.
My #1 choice this week.

Kris...Excellent vocals, great song choice.
What a surprise. He keeps getting better every week.
Got himself a little of Simon's 'confidence!'

So, a great evening of American Idol. I watched it at 6:00 P.M., and then kept scuttling across the networks so I could watch Adam's superb performance a couple of extra times.

Top three for me?

Bottom three?
Megan Joy

Going home?
Megan Joy

"Life is all about taking risks to get what you want." Adam Lambert

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Brenda, I enjoyed your recap and I have to agree with your top three and bottom three. The highlight for me was definitely Adam (again) and Kris. Loved both their performances. Of the top three, Adam to me is the most consistent.

I think Alison and Anoop could sneak up at any time though with a breakout performance.

Tonight's results show should be interesting especiallly if Megan doesn't make bottom three again when she deserves to be. She must have a strong following of voters to be in the competition still.

Thanks for the great recap Brenda!

Thanks for your great insight!
I agree with you...and I'll be that the Bob Marley fan goes home tonight.

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