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American Idol...Top 10...

An excellent American Idol tonight!
My favorites from the beginning shone like early morning starlight.
What did you think of these kids?
As Randy Jackson calls it, they're dope!

Adam Lambert.
He kicked it right through the roof tonight.
What a changeling!

Danny Gokey.
Not his best performance, but I totally liked it.
He has that raspy, one-too-many-smokes kind of voice.

Matt Giraud.
Better than Timberlake, as good as Buble...in a world of his own.
A perfect performance, perfect.

Allison Iraheta.
Raw, unchained and gutsy performance.
Not my cuppa tea, but I give it up to her in spades!

And bringing up the rear...
Anoop Desai.
Tender, but sleepy.

Lil Rounds.
Not this time.
Where did the REAL Lil go?

Megan Joy.
Not this time, either.

Scott MacIntyre.
Not memorable at all for me.

Kris Allen.
Just OK,
Nothing memorable for me, either.

Michael Sarver.
Sorry, Mike.
Not tonight.

So, based on tonight's performances, here's my top three...

Adam Lambert
Danny Gokey
Matt Giraud

...and because she's a young sensation and has an amazing voice, add in another finalist...
Allison Iraheta.

What a great show!

Adam's favorite quote...
"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace." ~ Jimi Hendrix.

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Barb Cabot:

I love your comments. It's tough this year esp. there are so many great singers.

There are a lot of good singers, but they are gradually separating the cream from the skim milk, mostly by their unfortunate song choice. I absolutely adored Adam's take on the old Smoky Robinson standard. I was actually in tears at the end...that high and crystal-clear end note was perfection.

I agree that Adam was the best last night. Funny because I hated his performance last week on country night!

A very strong line-up of talent this year.

I agree...a very good group this year! I love listening to each of them, and although I would lay dollars on the final 3 being Danny, Adam and either Allison or Matt, it is a pleasure to watch each show. Some years, it's been actually painful watching some less-than-talented person getting through to the top 10, and then having to listen to them singing every week, til they were finally voted off!

I actually thought his Ring of Fire was pretty funny! It was like he took a satirical look at country music and turned this classic into a heavy metal headbanger piece.
He's gutsy, because he finally shed his protective armor...funky hair, black nailpolish, indie clothing...and took on the persona of a S-T-A-R! My God, he cleans up real good, doesn't he?


I LOVE Adam, Danny, Allison, and Lil on a better night! Adam is adorable, no matter what his look of the day turns out to be... and those gorgeous TEETH!


I'm with you on the top three, and really hope Meghan Joy is going home after last night. That was horrible, but I'm probably biased, never having warmed up to her.

It's going to be a guy's competition soon, perhaps.

It's a STRONG group! But, they are falling between two camps, now that the competition has tightened up a little.
Cream rises to the top!

I thought his Ring of Fire was a heavy metal head-banger satire! Actually I didn't mind it, and could laugh along as he tore into an old country classic.
AND, the voice he used was the complete antithesis of Johnny Cash's deep bass vocals!

He's a gorgeous young guy, and has the vocal range of an angel. My goodness, anything from the highest octave and most crystal-clear falsetto to a deep and ripping low range. Great vocals this kid has.

You and me both!
Still, I now know who's going home and it ain't her!
I love this year's crop of talent...all are diverse and all are individual and unique.

It really IS a strong group this year!
But, really, the cream is rising to the top, as the show goes from week to week.

I think his Ring of Fire was a satirical version of an old country standard! I laughed while he was performing it, because it was like opposite ends of the spectrum...country on one end of the spectrum and heavy metal head banger screamin' on the other!

Yep, he's a gorgeous guy. What an amazing vocal range! Holy cats!!! He can sing the top end of the falsetto and the lower end of a deep bass voice. I've not heard anyone with that range on Idol before!

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