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Sultry, Sexy Savannah...Classic Caddy Tour...

Detail of Geoff Albert's classic Cadillac convertible...

Today has been a fantastic day!
Whirlwind would be putting it mildly...Mindy and her mom, Darlene, arrived and stowed their luggage in our apartment while waiting for the main house upstairs to be available for them. Lou and her sister, Rose, also came to the apartment while waiting for the main house to be ready. So, the kitchen was alive with lovely conversations and getting acquainted chats with each other.

Tammy Jo, the owner of this gloriously restored house, stopped by with a few extras for us. A beautifully-wrapped bottle of very welcome prosecco and a delicious white wine for later were one part of her care package for us!

Geoff Albert, the owner of Classic Caddy Tours, arrived in his elegant and perfectly restored 1960 Cadillac convertible to take Mindy, Darlene, Rose and Lou on one of his fantastic tours of the city of Savannah, Bonaventure Cemetery and Tybee Island.

Breaking out their shades and long billowing scarves for a classic Caddy ride, Geoff's guests seated themselves in the luxury of this beautiful convertible. Driving away down West Bolton, they were the epitome of the style and class of the '60's...


Leslie, Brent and their very pretty daughter, Ryley, arrived in the early afternoon to take possession of the carriage house in the back of the property. They immediately went on a cheese run to shop for treats for their wine and cheese later on this afternoon.

After delivering Mindy, Darlene, Rose and Lou safely back home, Geoff stopped for a visit and shared his newest venture with me...Savannah Dream Weddings! Combined with the gorgeous vacation rentals overlooking Forsyth Park that he has created, providing complete wedding planning and services as well seems like the perfect match. Check out Savannah Dream Vacations...wouldn't you love to stay here?


Gathering together in the living room area of the main house later on, we were finally together in one place, safe and sound. After all of the false starts, last-minute cancelled flights, limping and injured ankles and legs, it is amazing that we are here together, each in one piece! Brent and Leslie's delicious wine and cheese provided the quiet background for everyone to have a chance to visit.

Mac and Karen couldn't be with us, but they sent one of their famous and most delicious bottles of limoncello! Leslie poured the frosted golden liquid into equally frosted shot glasses and we toasted Mac and Karen and all of the other people who planned to be here, but were unable to make it.
We miss y'all!

A dinner at The Mansion on Drayton Street was the perfect ending to a perfect day for me. Although I'd stuffed myself with too many snacks earlier, I still managed to devour a tasty plate of scallops and caviar and a delicious Caesar salad.

I'm finally tucked into my bed, and ready for a good night's sleep. Tomorrow, we are going back to The Mansion for a cooking class with Chef Darren! How much good stuff can one person hold, I ask ya! A day filled with gorgeous weather, even more gorgeous friends and the best food in the Universe...I am a happy person tonight.

Rules For Living In Savannah
29. Politely peruse the menus on River Street, then let the tourists eat there.


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Savannah is such a beautiful city. I love your photos. Glad that you all are having a great time!

It looks like you all are having such a great time. One of these days I'd love to visit Savannah.

I love the photos! Glad you enjoyed another wonderful day.

Thanks for posting your comment!
I've been so busy I've missed responding to everyone's comments, so I'm doing that tonight!Savannah is a great place to relax and kick back and I've been doing that in spades the last few days. YUM!

Cindy Ruth,
You'd love it here!
The best part for me is that it is 81 degrees F. today in Savannah...and -41 degrees F. in my home town!
Guess why I'm over-the-moon to be here!

We had a terrific day that day and the weather, as you may have read, has been stellar. I'm a very happy camper!!!

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