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Sultry, Sexy Savannah...Cold Enough for You?

The temps are supposed to drop into the 20's Farenheit tonight, and a hard frost is forecast for the southern areas. This feels like home!
The azaleas are blooming, in spite of the cold weather. Why do I love them so much? They are amazing to stand up to this cold weather and still look stunningly beautiful. In spite of how fragile they appear, they're really tough!


This afternoon, Kendall and I started out to walk across Forsyth Park for a trip to Kroeger's for salad stuffin's, because Karen is coming for dinner. I gave out about half way there, could feel my ankle cringing again, baby that it is! So, I walked carefully back home and Kendall went shopping without me! After she came back with the groceries, we called a cab and make a wine run to Johnnie Ganem's. A few bottles of Prosecco, a good white pinot grigio, a luscious merlot and my Bailey's with a hint of coffee and we're good to go!

Forsyth Park is only a few steps from here, and it is still as luscious and sprawling as I remember it. I'm really blown away that a city would set aside 20 acres of prime residential land for a beautiful park. That's city planning at it's finest! I never tire of looking at the expanse of green lawn, the parade of local colour in the park and the gorgeous old trees swathed in Spanish moss...


After a delicious potluck kind of dinner, a bottle of the Spanish version of Prosecco and much talk with no action about a decadent dessert for me, we talked about the new business that Karen and Vincenzo are opening here in Savannah. We also commiserated over our Slowtrav friends who are dealing with weather issues delaying or canceling their flights to Savannah. That's such a sadness for me, because I was so looking forward to seeing them again. I feel blessed to be safely here and I hope that everyone else arrives safely and securely.

Tomorrow, we are going shopping!
What for?
No idea at all, just a day of wandering from store to store and then a nice lunch at my favorite Savannah Tea Room.
Sounds like my kind of day!


"This is not only the largest park in Savannah, Georgia, but it is the most active park in the city. Forsyth Park has great history and current success. It was created in 1851. It's amazing that such a large park would still exist and maintain its original size for so many years. It's 20-acres large, and while many other cities would have built businesses and residential areas on top of a park like this over a 150-year period, Savannah leaders made it a point to keep it in as close to its original form as possible."
~ Essortment.com

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Hi Brenda,
Good to see another post today.
I hear Mindy is on her way there this morning. Did her mom arrive yet?
Take care of your ankle/leg.
Would it be feasible for you to share a rental car with one or two of the other ST?
Savannah has a parking pass that you buy at the building where the Historical Museum is.
It was worth it to us last year.
Enjoy...the weather is improving.


Brenda, did Pokey's mom arrive? Sounds like a good time; one of these days I want to return there.

Barb Cabot:

Brenda despite the weather and your ankle you seem to be making the most of your time. It still makes me want to be with you all. Your location is wonderful so you don't have to go far at all to be in the heart of the cities beauty. Keep on writing about what's going on.

Hi Brenda, I'm enjoying this vicarious trip with you! What a time for the USA South to have a bizarro cold snap but here in NC, they are saying that warmer weather is on the way very soon so I hope that is true for GA too. Have fun!

Thank you for the reminder about the parking pass...I'll let Karen know about it!

Mindy is here, after a 3:30 A.M. wake-up for her early morning flight. I don't know how she is still standing!

Darlene, Mindy's mom, arrived late last night, and she was taken care of by everyone along the way, from the airport staff to the darling woman who owns the Green Palm Inn.

I miss you!
I still remember you walking up behind me at the Gingerbread House last year and saying, "Hi!"
What I remember most about meeting you is how tiny you are and what beautiful eyes you have! That was my first thought when I turned around and saw you standing behind me!

I'm doing what I am able to do, and making every single second count! It will all be over in such a short time, I know. So, I am cramming enjoyment into every moment!

Welcome to the sunny south, I say!
Truly, today was gorgeous...bright sunshine and cool wind, but a stunning day in Savannah.
Any day in the south is a glorious day for me.

20's brrrrr!!! Love your photo of the tea cup.

It was cold! I felt the humidity in the cold like anything. However, low 80's today, so the sun has come to Savannah!

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